Govt debt swap for civil servants good – Kamba

KENNEDY Kamba says the debt swap programme that the government has devised to relieve indebted civils servants is good for them and the economy.

Government says it has devised a debt swap programme for civil servants, most of whom are highly indebted due to loans they obtain from banks and microfinance institutions.

But UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has described the programme as a hoax.

He said it was in fact the government that put civil servants in high debt due to its poor programmes and policies.

However, Kamba said Hichilema’s criticism was not in line with helping the suffering Zambians.

“The fact is that the civil servants in Zambia, including the trade unions and related labour movements know very well where they are coming from in terms of improving the living conditions and general well-being of civil servants,” he said in a statement. “Today as we speak, many teachers, nurses, medical doctors and others, can afford to create wealth for their families which was not the case before the PF came into power. We urge Zambians to ignore illogical claims from HH because it does not make sense and only speaks volumes of a visionless politician who wants to get government power by whatever means possible.”

Kamba highlighted achievements the PF has scored for the civil service.

“A little survey will tell you that teachers today are able to import vehicles, do a side business and also build houses for their families. This is not magic. This is because the government has put up an enabling environment for personal wealth creation for citizens including those in civil service,” Kamba said. “A good government creates wealth for its people and distributes opportunities equitably. The debt swap strategy is one of those incentives the government has put in place to relieve financial pressures on civil servants. The people working in government are happy about this but Hakainde Hichilema is fuming with bitterness and putting up weird claims that government caused the debt burden on civil servants.”

He said it was wrong for Hichilema to criticise the debt swap programme for civil servants.

“A normal politician with stable reasoning and good leadership qualities cannot rubbish the good deeds of the PF in protecting the interests of Zambians regarding the Debt Swap Strategy that has been put in place to lessen the burden of debt on civil servants,” said Kamba.

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