Kasenengwa candidates complain over fresh nominations

KASENENGWA parliamentary candidates have complained over the clause that requires fresh nominations after the demise or withdrawal of a

Twelve candidates on Monday filed nominations for the Kasenengwa parliamentary seat.

The ECZ conducted fresh nominations following the death of UPND’s Titus Miti.

Candidates who filed before Miti’s demise also had refile on Monday.

In an interview after filing nomination papers, PAC candidate Charles Banda said the law on fresh nominations after the death or withdrawal of a candidate should be revisited.

“Filing in has been very successful although we are just complaining that we have been drained of our cash. Any political party I know is going through the same. This clause which calls for fresh nominations when one dies or resigns, I think when I go to Parliament it’s one of the things which we need to discuss or debate. I believe this issue was there in bill 10 which was shot down,” he said.

PF’s Philemon Twasa said the clause should be amended.

“We feel there are some lacunas in the Constitution and that is why maybe bill 10 had come in very handy but unfortunately, the enemies of development, the enemies of progress shot it down,” said Twasa. “Had bill 10 gone through, we wouldn’t have gone through such a situation that we have right now. Yes, that clause has to be amended. I totally support that.”

Socialist Party’s John Zulu said there was need to pay attention to the Constitution and address issues such as the clause that calls for fresh nominations after the death of a candidate.

“I think people have the right to demand from their leaders that they should analyse the Constitution clause by clause so that we avoid such things,” said Zulu. “This clause that has made us to do fresh nominations has affected us.”

UPND’s Beauty Undi-Phiri described the clause as daylight robbery.

“That is a serious lacuna in the Constitution that needs to be addressed with immediate effect. Those are issues that when we go to Parliament we need to talk about because this is daylight robbery and they are using the ECZ to steal from the people which should not be the case,” Undi-Phiri said. “This clearly tells you that people were so fast to sign the Constitution without knowing that there were lacunas.”

Undi-Phiri said the new crop of parliamentarians would fix the Constitution without looking at a political party.