Past 15 years have been wasted, says Nyirenda

KASENENGWA Constituency UNIP candidate Timothy Nyirenda says the 15 years that have elapsed since he left office in 2006 have been wasted because the constituency has not seen tangible development.

In an interview after filing in his nomination, Nyirenda, who served as Kasenengwa UNIP member of parliament from 2001 to 2006, boasted that he was the only one who had a clear vision for the constituency.

“There will be a lot of things that I will do with the people of Kasenengwa. The past 15 years have been wasted. Now we have people coming here to look for employment. No single candidate stays here,” he said. “We have those who lost in the last elections, they are gone. Kasenengwa is not an area where MPs can come and look for employment. They are supposed to come here to develop the area.”

Nyirenda said since the start of multiparty politics in 1991, there was no MP who had brought physical development than what he did in the constituency.

“If you see my manifesto, then you will conclude that I mean well for Kasenengwa. I am contesting in this election because I am not happy with what is happening in Kasenengwa,” he said. “You can’t have people bringing relatives to come and stand here [and] once they win, they go for good. Our electoral system is so bad. You know when you vote for someone, there is no way you can remove them even though they are useless.”

Nyirenda said the people of Kasenengwa cried when he failed to file last time.

“Out of all the 12 candidates that are contesting here, I am the only one who stays here. I have actually done more development than the three governments that came after 2006 when I left office as MP. I am not going into Parliament to earn a living, I want to do what I did last time,” he said.

Nyirenda said the clause which enables fresh nominations after a candidate dies or withdrawals should be revisited.

“When one dies, it’s okay we can go for fresh elections but when one withdraws, resigns, that’s no sense. This is fraudulent, so it has to stop,” he said. “When UNIP comes into power under federalism, there will be no by-elections. There will be no independent candidates. We have about four independent candidates here. If one of them wins, they will go for good. Whom are you going to ask?”

Nyirenda said the only independent MP who performed in the history of Eastern Province was immediate past Luangeni member of parliament Charles Zulu.

The candidates who filed for Kasenengwa parliamentary seat are Beauty Undi-Phiri of UPND, Nomsa Ingwe for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Kapambwe Mshanga for MMD, Masautso Tembo for the Democratic Party (DP) and Philimon Twasa of the PF.

Others are John Zulu of the Socialist Party, Charles Banda for the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC), Timothy Nyirenda for UNIP, Saili Phiri for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and independent candidates namely; Alice Kalima, Levison Ziwa and Mawali Zulu.

Electoral Commission of Zambia conducted fresh nominations in Kasenengwa following the death of UPND candidate Titus Miti.

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