Kateka says Zambia is a nation of refuge

NEW Heritage Party leader Chishala Kateka says Zambia has a very important peace role to play on the continent and beyond.

Delivering her peace message at the Peace Conference held at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Wednesday, Kateka said the country was founded on the fact that all the people came to seek refuge in Zambia.

She noted that people who would run away from war wherever they were flocked to Zambia, a land they could live in peace.

“So we can say that Zambia is a nation of refuge and various people groups have had a peaceful co-existence…This is also borne out by the fact that wherever there were wars and turmoil, elsewhere including post world war, Zambia was identified as a home for peace because it’s a peaceful land. And during the wars, Zambia has always hosted refugees due to its peaceful nature,” Kateka said. “It therefore goes without saying that we as a nation have a very important peace role to play on the continent and beyond. This requires us of the necessity to continue to be a peaceful nation. As Zambians we have a responsibility to keep Zambia peaceful, not only to ourselves but even for others that may seek refuge here.”

And Kateka said it is not possible to grow an economy in an environment where there is strife.

“We have seen what strife does in other nations and the people thereof. I therefore urge every Zambian to reject violence and opt for peace regardless of provocation or other situations,” she said.

Kateka also urged other political leaders to foster a culture of non-violence in their parties.

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