Nevers, don’t give up on PF

PEACE does not occur in a vacuum. And peace is a perishable commodity. It always has to be nourished – cared for. Indeed, peace cannot be accidental, nor does it grow by itself or without specific and particular effort by those who seek it.

And explaining why the MMD did not sign the peace pledge despite attending the The Peace Conference convened by The Coalition for Peaceful Elections in Zambia, Nevers Mumba says his party has been on the receiving end of sustained provocation from the PF.

“We do so being fully aware that Peace cannot be accidental, nor does it grow by itself or without specific and particular effort by those who seek it.

In our considered view, such peace comes from 3 places. 1. From the inside of a person. Using this analogy, we think that it is important for the different political organisations to have peace internally. The different organisations should use all means available to inculcate peace in their organisation. There is no peace that can come from troubled persons or organisations. 2. From a willingness to make it happen. We have to be clear that no matter what we do, no matter our posturing, peace cannot happen until and unless we summon our will for it. In the absence of willingness, peace, enduring peace will continue to be elusive. So beyond this important event, we need to be willing to walk across to each other and talk about the difficult things that keep coming between us. For instance, we have been on the receiving end of sustained provocation from the PF for the longest time. As late as yesterday, our colleagues were busy with their efforts. We are therefore reserved to sign on the dotted lines where they will sign because we think it is hypocritical on their part and it will certainly be on our part. However, we are willing to sign once we get an indication that the PF will abandon their provocative ways,” says Nevers. “We think that, the achievement of such enduring peace can be realised as our friends, eminent persons, impartial civil society organisations, the Church etc come to our help and nudge us along. We must continue the legacy of peace that our founding father KK worked so hard for!”

Since Edgar Lungu took over the reins, PF has never known peace. They have never solved anything in a pacific way. Edgar and his minions have muscled their way through and through – violence of the mouth they practice with the same intensity physically.

Given a chance they would have unleashed violence on the failing economy as a way to resuscitate it! Unfortunately, for them it’s not one of the fundamentals that can be employed.

And when other party leaders presented themselves for the important event at Mulungushi, Edgar and his running mate Professor Nkandu Luo absconded. Instead, Davies Mwila and Paul Moonga represented the PF. What message was being sent by this? What should people take of this man who not very long ago warned to use powers provided to him by the Constitution to curtail violence? Edgar is not serious about peace. He seems to be the force behind PF violence. If he has the power to curtail violence but shuns a meeting where peace pledges were being solicited, do we take such a person to be interested in peaceful co-existence? The answer is a categorical no. Surely Edgar was in the country. He instead chose to swear in judges. If Edgar attended the event in person, it was going to send some benefit of the doubt that this person is against violence. Anyway, this is Edgar. He plays rat diplomacy – biting and blowing on his victims.

But everything can change – who could have imagined the fall of the Soviet Union as it happened, without a bullet and overnight? Reigns of terror eventually come to an end. Even a powerful missile once it reaches its zenith, it falls.

As Sri Chinmoy states, “Peace begins when expectation ends.”

So, Nevers, don’t give up on them. Preach peace to the PF. No matter how deaf, blind and dumb they are today, a constant reminder of the need for peace will eventually reach them. Peace will prevail! Peace will come home. Never, don’t give up on them! Save PF from their depth of hate, violence!

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