Cuba protests

IT WAS only a matter of time that certain protests would bring along demands of regime change and ‘democracy’ in Cuba. It has been coming, what with US engineered technology. Cuba has trended for all wrong reasons, out-covering the black holes of the ongoing US gun battles – avoidable killings that the US Congress must spend its bipartisanship on!

For a small island republic of Cuba to become the discourse of an entire 50-plus-state nation shows how communism haunts America!

Today counter-revolutionary activities can be hatched, nurtured and executed in a non-conventional warfare manner – a faceless guerilla tactic but visible enough manoeuvres with all anecdotes committed to the Department of State. Evidently, Washington couldn’t wait for the fruition of ‘this uprising’ – it has always been cultivating an atmosphere for a regime change. The anti-Castro doctrine is and has been an open secret. Well, Fidel is dead. Raul has retired. But even then, the blood-thirsty – warmonger – empire will not let go.

Fidel committed an unforgivable sin, constructing communism right under the nose of Uncle Sam! Communist Cuba, Fidel and Raul have been a bitter spice on Washington’s menu. Anything closer to wiping the Cuban Revolution resonates well to the conservative’s profile in the corridors of power in Washington.

Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama, overwhelmed with Pope Francis’ missals – perhaps the reason he could sing Amazing Grace, he felt baptised enough and attempted in penance to ‘forgive’ the Cuba by thawing relations with Havana. Well, the gesture gave birth to a fascist, Donald Trump! And everything was rolled back with stiffer sanctions.

We must also recall that at the same, Washington DC moved its tentacles on Havana’s benefactor, Venezuela. In Venezuela, capital has killed both the leadership and the economy. And the US has over decades survived via the monopoly of narrative – it can create war and justify it. Washington births wars, justifies the means and need for intervention. The military industrial complex feeds on conflict – war.

And the US does not accept or portray itself to have lost a war. But today, after some 20 years it is pulling out of Afghanistan without success! They’re leaving behind chaos!

And in Cuba, Washington and Joe Biden’s lackeys will have to prepare for an astute battle. Cuba is not gullible. Other than what excites social media, Washington will have to confront both militants and a people with conscious. Whatever Washington and its Miami lackeys prescribe the domino effect will hit the US Capitol!

Both the Republicans and Democrats will not come out of the Cuban mess unscathed. They know it. As they salivate over the ‘good’ protest images, let them ponder over how to amend the four Acts – laws – entrenching the blockade against Cuba.

You cannot economically, financially and commercially strangle a country for over 60 years and then afford yourself airtime to proudly proclaim that communism has failed! We all recall how neoliberal US was saved by communist China following the 2008 financial meltdown. What’s wrong with this narrative, America?

And what has capitalism achieved even in the US? Joe Biden himself, in April, pleaded with the joint session of the US Congress that trickle-down effect does not, has never worked – “My fellow Americans, trickle-down economics has never worked and it is time to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out”.

Cubans are a valiant people, they know and understand what it means to fight for the dignity of fellow man. Cuba’s dire socio-economic situation largely on the account of Washington’s embargo must weigh heavily upon the US. America’s deliberate effort to deflect what she has planted and generated in Havana is not only hypocritical but suicidal. For all intents and purposes, the pictures of those protests in Cuba are shameful and nauseating – for those who understand the history of US-Cuba relations.

Who in Cuba today would want to subscribe to the Libertad, democracia, of the US!

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