Fire Kanganja, he has done his lap – Changala

GOOD governance activist Brebner Changala has asked President Edgar Lungu to dismiss Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja whose contract has expired.

On December 29 last year, President Lungu extended Kanganja’s contract by six months in which he tasked the later to restore police confidence which had been lost before the public.

This was six days after police in Lusaka shot dead State prosecutor Nsama Nsama and UPND member Joseph Kaunda who were unarmed.

“This is to enable you to conclude the investigations into the killing of two innocent Zambians and allow you to reorganise the Police Service with a view to restoring the eroding public confidence in the service. This will form the basis for your performance appraisal for further consideration,” said President Lungu then.

This means Kanganja’s contract expired on June 29 this year.

Reminding the Head of State to respect his words, Changala also appealed to him to respect the people.

“The contract for Kanganja finished because the statement came from the mouth of the Head of State. If what the President says cannot be relied on, then we are in serious trouble because the President’s statement is always a policy statement,” he told The Mast. “So, Kanganja has done his lap and his contract has ended. And the Head of State has gone mute because he does not respect the people of Zambia. That is arrogance and insolence to the very people that elected him.”

And Changala reminded President Lungu to respect the Constitution by setting up a tribunal against Lusaka High Court judge Sunday Nkonde.

Judge Nkonde was in November 2018 found guilty of professional misconduct by the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC).

This was after Dr Fred M’membe, who is the former proprietor of The Post Newspaper (in liquidation), had lodged a complaint against judge Nkonde before the JCC for being biased in handling the liquidation case.

Dr M’membe said judge Nkonde could not preside over the liquidation case of The Post Newspaper Limited as he once attempted to render the company insolvent in 2012 when he commenced a lawsuit against it on behalf of Finance Bank without the bank’s authority.

But judge Nkonde was briefly saved by a stay which he obtained from late Kitwe High Court judge Isaac Chali later in the year.

However, the stay was vacated by the Lusaka High Court in a November 9, 2020 judgment, implying that President Lungu should have within seven days appointed a tribunal to probe judge Nkonde.

Changala felt that President Lungu was deliberately ignoring the law.

“The same goes with Judge Sunday Nkonde. The stay was lifted, so there’s no bearing or authority that the President has refused to set up a tribunal as per Constitution. So, the need to respect the Constitution is not an option for President Edgar Lungu, it is as per the law,” said Changala. “What the President has been doing is taking the people of Zambia and the Constitution for granted. These are issues that will haunt him and put him in trouble sooner rather than later. And I must remind him that he has the police to protect him and this is the same police that will arrest him when time comes. He cannot go on taking the very people that elected him for granted and without due respect.”

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