Diaz-Canel calls for ‘a heart the size of Cuba’s difficulties’

CUBAN President Miguel Díaz-Canel has implored his Cabinet to identify root cause of the violent protests that engulfed the Caribbean nation over a week ago.

In his speech delivered recently at the act of revolutionary reaffirmation, he emphasised solidarity to the nation’s core values.

President Díaz-Canel further called for an end to the six decades old US blockade of Cuba.

“The Cuban Revolution forever erased the seeds of evil, hatred, dishonour, and crime. For this reason, it is important that we look for the root causes of the violence that strives to emerge in the face of the needs, and that we fulfill the pending work to make the gene of the braves, the honest, the just, of the honourable ones, of the happy children of this Cuban land,” he told the gathering. “We are going to put our hearts to the common work. A heart the size of our difficulties! Long live sovereign, independent and socialist Cuba!”

President Díaz-Canel called for strong denunciation of the blockade which he said had caused long term hardships for Cubans.

“It is not on a whim that we are meeting here this morning in the midst of a complex epidemiological situation. Respecting as far as possible health measures and physical distancing, we have summoned you to denounce once again the blockade, aggression and terror,” he added. “We could not delay this meeting. The enemy has once again launched itself with everything to destroy the sacred unity and the tranquility of the city. We ratify that Cuba belongs to everyone! I share feelings and reflections, moods, dispositions and convictions. We can only have more if we create more. We will achieve what we set out to do by pushing the work together.”

And President Díaz-Canel applauded Cuban research works over the years, especially in health.

He said such works had been acclaimed worldwide, hence the need to continue.

“Ahead we have the immense example of Cuban science, which was proposed and achieved in record time and with hardly any resources two [Covid] vaccines and other vaccine candidates that allow us to face the future with hopes that other peoples do not have,” said President Díaz-Canel. “If we have been able to do something so colossal and difficult, what will we not be able to do in other areas? And, above all, how much more will we be able to if we articulate the pending dialogues, rescuing the social work, promoting greater attention to vulnerable sectors, to the neighbourhoods, supported by the experience of the work that the commander-in-chief [Fidel Castro] left us, in challenging years…”

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