HH full of himself and thinks he knows it all – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says he decided to go back to PF after I discovering that most of the things they talk about in UPND are not real.

Speaking when he featured on Breeze FM, Kambwili said the UPND was created for nothing but just serving one individual who has ended up misleading the entire Southern Province that it was only right to vote for people who come from there.

He said it should be realised that when one wants to be president that they have to be a national leader.

“I can safely tell you that this gentleman does not know anything about how government runs and 90 per cent of the things he talks about are lies,” Kambwili said in reference to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema. “He has no plans to improve the economy or improve the lives of the people. He just wants to go into government basically to benefit himself and the people that support him. And this gentleman does not respect anybody. He is full of himself and thinks he knows it all.”

He said a leader who thinks he knows it all was a wrong leader because governance was team work and not about an individual.

“This gentleman does not want to receive advice and he thinks only people from his tribe are important than any other people from other tribes,” Kambwili charged. “I want to explain to you the people of Eastern Province and Zambia at large that voting this gentleman will bring us to the 1970s, 1960s when this country was fighting tribalism. This gentleman is a terrible tribalist who only believes in his tribe and his region and when you tell him the truth about his tribalism, he gets very agitated and annoyed.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili said the PF government realises that prices of commodities in the country have gone up.

He said Hichilema was aware of the reasons why prices had gone up but was misleading the people.

Kambwili said Hichilema was deliberately cheating the people that the reason for

high prices was on account of the PF failures.

“What has caused prices of commodities like sugar, cooking oil, mealie meal and almost all groceries in Zambia to go up…every reasonable government and every reasonable leader would not want the people to suffer if they can do something about that situation particularly when

it comes to high cost of living,” he said. “Surely, people of Eastern Province would you believe that President Edgar Lungu and his government would do a deliberate thing to allow prices to escalate when people are suffering and live it like that? Because what is going on now President Edgar Lungu is aware and every leader in government is aware. I am aware as Chishimba Kambwili that things have gone up but I want to explain to you why the prices of commodities are up. What has caused

the prices to go up from America, UK, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe? All these countries are grappling with this issue of high prices.”

He cited a UN communique on surging food prices which as reasons behind the high prices of commodities.

Kambwili said during the privatisation process in Frederick Chiluba’s time, the country made one big mistake of allowing companies to externalise the money.

“You remember and agree with me that in 1991 the rate of a dollar to a kwacha was one dollar equals to one kwacha because the mines were under government. And when we sell the copper all the dollars were coming to Zambia but this when we sold the mines we allowed the owners of the mines to take the dollar outside when they sell the copper leaving very little dollars on the market,” he said. “And when there is no dollar on the market, the issue of supply and demand comes in, making the rate of the kwacha to a dollar to depreciate thereby making commodities expensive.”

Kambwili said the government had started getting back the mines from the companies that were not doing very well.

“We have already gotten Mopani Copper Mines in Kitwe, we have gotten Konkola Copper Mines and now they are in the hands of government. When we look at the strategic partner we are not going to give them 90 per cent of the shares. We are going to give them 51 per cent and government gets 49 per cent so that when they sell the copper the proceeds that will come in dollars come to Zambia,” he said. “And when we have more dollars on the market, the rate of the kwacha to the dollar will drop and when this happens it means we can spend less kwacha to go and buy things from outside like groceries and the prices will come down.”

Kambwili said the dollar cannot just come down but that certain fundamentals should be put in place.

He said when he exposes the tribalism it does not mean that he was tribal.

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