PF don’t deserve to rule us again – Luonde

NDC national chairperson Richard Luonde says the PF do not deserve to rule the country again.

Fr Luonde who has been quiet for some time after losing both his mother-in-law and wife within four days, said he had come out of mourning to continue speaking against evils committed by the current government.

“I’m coming out from my experience and I’m saying Zambia is for the right-thinking Zambians. Because today you could be up the ladder, the following day you will be down that ladder because the people that pushed you up there have decided not to push you any further,” he said. “PF are criminals who don’t deserve to rule us as Zambians. Zambia is ready for change, and this change must come on the 12th of August so that Zambia begins a new journey. A new journey of development, a new journey of reconciliation. A new journey of peace, a new journey of unity. A new journey of humility, a new journey of love.”

Fr Luonde said such values could not be achieved by the PF who were just interested in dividing the nation.

“And these things I’ve brought out cannot be achieved by the Patriotic Front because the Patriotic Front has failed to reason and do that which Zambians want. We can only move forward if we vote in the UPND Alliance because it’s an Alliance with knowledge,” he said.

And Fr Luonde recounted his close relationship with the late founding president Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s family.

He said although it was difficult to attend Dr Kaunda’s funeral and burial, he still held the old man in high esteem.

“I know a lot of people would have wondered, why is Fr Luonde not here because Fr Luonde is a good family friend to the Kaundas. This friendship goes a long way. And to ba Panji, ba Cheswa, ba Kaweche, now that I’m getting better, one day I’ll come and pay homage,” said Fr Luonde. “My uncle, the late Cuthbert Kolala, my mother’s brother were very good friends with His Excellency Dr Kenneth Kaunda. And many of the things that I shared with the president and ba Kaweche and ba Panji, the simplicity of this family has helped me see the reality of life. They were brought up as children of a Zambian president who were no better than children from other homes. That’s why the Kaundas today are respected.”

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