We need prayers, says Mwale

EASTERN Province PF presidential campaign coordinator Vincent Mwale says people have high expectation from the Church as the country heads to the polls.

And St Mark United Church of Zambia Chadiza congregation in charge Evangelist Anne Ngulube says people should use social media in a productive way and not to peddle falsehoods.

“Let me say, as a church our expectations, we politicians are so high and I know that you also have expectations on our part. At a time like this, all we can ask for are prayers for political leaders, prayers for political parties and prayers for the whole country. We need prayers from the Church,” Mwale said.

The PF member of the central committee said Zambians should ensure peace prevails in the country all the time.

“There shouldn’t be violence each time we have elections. This time Zambia’s democracy should mature because we have been in democracy for a very long time. We can go and compete out there without having pangas,” Mwale said. “We need you to help us. Come and talk to us. If you see strange behaviour in me, come and talk to me. We don’t want to hear that there is violence in Chadiza because we are all relatives.”

He said politicians were only competing to serve the people and that there was no need to fight each other.

“We don’t need to beat each other because of politics. We need prayers, there is nothing too big for God,” Mwale said.

He said President Edgar Lungu created the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to ensure there was a link between the Church and the government.

Mwale also challenged parents to ensure they take their children to church.

He said young people should be involved in church matters such as joining the boys and girls brigade so that they grow up in a responsible manner.

And evangelist Ngulube, who themed her sermon ‘the gift of time’, said people should preoccupy themselves with things that can improve their lives.

“The world is running very fast, people are busy with their own things. We need to remain focused and use the time that we have well,” she said.

Evangelist Ngulube also bemoaned the abuse of social media.

“This time, it’s like every person is busy. When you go home, you are too busy to an extent that you don’t want to check on your children and see what they are doing. We are living in a busy world but we have to be very careful,” she said. “The wives and the husbands have no time to talk to each other because everyone is busy on phone.”

Evangelist Ngulube said social media should be used in a productive way and not to peddle falsehood.

“We should be aware of the gift of time. This time everybody is minding their business. Yes, a phone is good but how is it benefiting us? God gave us 24 hours, in 24 hours other people benefit, others make loses,” said Evangelist Ngulube.

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