Mysteriously conquering the world with hair and nails

RALPH Waldo Emerson once said: “never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” Ralph was an American philosopher, who died more than a century ago.

Then there is Rachel Lukumo Grace Namukolo, a Zambian, who assertively says that beauty inspires confidence and strength. She certainly has a point, and read on to know how.

Rachel, a trained journalist who is into public relations, is an inventive entrepreneur who owns Mysteriously Blu Hair, a salon in Lusaka’s Olympia Park area.

Actually, Mysteriously Blu Hair is located along Mapepe road, near Olympia market and to avoid getting lost, courtesy of my mapping, one can simply get in touch, on WhatsApp, with Rachel on 0976-366226.

She prefers being called the creative director of Mysteriously Blu Hair, instead of chief executive officer, because: “I’m very much involved in all the work that gets done, from nails to hair.”

“I’m also a public relations practitioner. I’m from Mabanga, that is Solwezi. I like to make that very obvious,” Rachel says, as a matter of an introduction on a Hot FM radio programme where she featured on Sunday, July 18, 2021.

Mysteriously Blu Hair, or MB, as Rachel likes to call it, was established in March 2016 and it started operations in April 2016.

“We’ve been in business for five years and that’s a great milestone for us. Once you cross the five-year term, most people say it’s easy sailing from there. So, hopefully that is going to be like that,” she shares. “We have very skilled, high talented and passionate hair stylists and nail technicians, including myself – I do nails”

Rachel notes that Mysteriously Blu Hair works to provide a wholesome beauty experience for its clients’ different beauty needs.

“In a nutshell, we work to provide beauty needs that inspire confidence as well as strength. You know when you get your hair done, your nails on, you feel like you can conquer the world. So, we are here to conquer the world with hair and nails,” Rachel brags, like a poet. “We have a range of products. We lean more towards the Afrocentric feel; we do hair braiding from knotless braids, to faux locs, to butterfly locs, to goddess braids, to tribal braids. So, that’s hair!”

Mysteriously Blu has also a nail bar where one can have manicures and pedicures done from.

“Everything that you want; anything that suits your style! We have different types of pedicures – plain, French, gel,” she says.

The hair salon is bolstered by in-house make-up by Dinga’s Touch.

According to Rachel, Dinga’s Touch, a make-up artist, offers make-up services for any occasion – birthday, wedding, bridal shower, Chilanga Mulilo and anything else that one wants make-up for.

“We have a very talented make-up artist. You can check her art on Facebook – that’s Dinga’s Touch. She is able to do whatever it is that you want her to do,” Rachel reveals. “Then we also have an exclusive kids’ salon, that’s Mysteriously Blu Kids. It’s totally separate from the adult section. Coming to the salon is therapeutic for most people; you want to go and relax. You want your nails to be done in a very quiet environment. So, once the kids come in, it feels like you are just at home.”

She adds that Mysteriously Blu Hair is complete with a very fun area where children can do their hair: “in a kids’ friendly environment, with kids’ friendly products and kids’ friendly staff.”

“We also have different services; we have Wednesdays that are friendly to us. We call them mysteriously Blu Wednesday. As you know, Wednesday is a women’s crush kind of a thing,” she says. “So, we crush on you every Wednesday, with 25 per cent off every service price of K200. Nobody else is crushing on you that high every Wednesday!”

Mysteriously Blu Hair also offers bridal beauty services.

She further tips prospective clients of Mysteriously Blu about what happens when they book a make-up appointment with Dinga’s Touch.

“We (Mysteriously Blu) give 10 per cent off your hair and nail service, and also a special free pedicure for the bride, at least three of her bridesmaids as well as the matron,” Rachel notes.

Asked about how Mysteriously Blu has managed to remain afloat in the midst of a ruining COVID-19 pandemic, Rachel has a convincing explanation.

“One thing that has kept us in business is a very loyal clientele, especially for a business that depends on contact to work. So, we’ve put in various things just to make sure that we are providing a safe environment,” she says. “First of all, we are working on appointment so that we avoid over-crowding. So, at each particular time we have very few people coming in. We make sure that you are masked-up as you are coming.”

She points outs that Mysteriously Blu is currently discouraging clients to go there with escorts: “where someone is just waiting for you to get your hair done.”

“We are also providing masks to our clients, in case you came in and your mask is dirt or you dropped it. We have sanitisers placed everywhere and we are making sure that our environment is clean,” Rachel notes. “We have also survived on loyalty; we do have a loyalty programme where we offer a loyalty discount. When you come in three times, on the third service you get a loyalty card that gives you 25 per cent off on your fourth visit. So, we are very client-oriented.”

That’s the familiar story of beauty, inspired by Mysteriously Blu Hair. It’s mysterious that all women are born beautiful. But at Mysteriously Blu Hair, an enhancement of that inborn beauty is done, at affordable prices.

Rachel also appreciates handsome looks; and it is for that reason that Mysterious Blu Hair now has a barbershop for that remarkable haircut. That’s how you conquer the world with Mysteriously Blu beauty services for elegant hairdos and haircuts.

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