‘The law should not be bad or selective’

Father Gabriel Msipu of Chipata Diocese says leaders should always be peacemakers and bring people together.

He says every law should bring peace and not to divide the people.

“Every law should bring peace and people should be free to meet or to talk about things that affect them in their lives. The law should not be bad or selective. For example, let’s look at the way the public order Act is being administered. This is a bad law because it does not make people to be free to meet and discuss things that affect them,” says Fr Msipu. “People are aware of the COVID-19 and the preventive guidelines that have been put in place. How is it possible that others are meeting and they move to different places but others are not doing so? When others try to do that, they are accused of being COVID-19 super spreaders! Why is it like this? Others are doing campaigns but when others do the same, the law changes. Does Covid affect one political party or every person in the world and in our country Zambia?”

Fr Msipu is not the only one in questioning the selective implementation of COVID-19 guidelines.

The ruling Patriotic Front government of Edgar Lungu has abused both the public order Act and the COVID-19 situation to its advantage ahead of the August 12 elections. It has abused the POA to clamp on opposition activities – no mobilisation has been allowed since 2016. Again the pandemic is being abused to gag the opposition yet Edgar and his minions are all over dishing out all manner of resources as they seek re-election!

The August 12 election is nothing but a sham – going by how the PF has managed the campaign period. But this injustice will catch up with these PF crooks! Hypocrisy must have a limit! And tyranny eventually comes to an end!

There’s nothing democratic in what Edgar and PF are doing. If anything, there has been a total erosion of democracy under this regime!

As African Democratic Institute states, “A functioning democracy is the form of government that ensures its citizens access the most freedoms, equal opportunities, equal rights, and is responsive to their diverse needs…One timeless aspect of democracy is that it is representative – what is often directly referred to as representative democracy. Each citizen has the right to choose who must lead them. Peace demands that all citizens be treated equally regardless of colour, religion, sexuality and or tribe/ethnicity.

Freedom of expression is important to any healthy society. To progress, a society needs freedom to question, appreciate, criticise, and even protest against an action, policy and or behaviour of a leader or a group. The people don’t have to quietly bear the burden of the exploitative rules of the powerful in society. In a democracy, equality is sacred – echoing the preamble to the American Declaration of Independence. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’.”

The law is clear but when bad people are in charge, the people cry. This is what is happening in our country where bad people, to fortify their positions, have gone to extents of politically corrupting law enforcers for their selfish benefit and shoving illegal things down the throats of citizens.

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