Athlete Suwilanji joins Equitysport advisory council

ZAMBIA Athletes Commission chairperson Suwilanji Mpondela has joined the Equitysport advisory council.

Suwilanji, a 100-meter sprinter who also takes part in the 400-metre relays, will on the other hand act as an ambassador for the international equality-in-sport charity.

With Equitysport, Suwilanji will be sitting on the charity’s advisory council and taking on an ambassadorial role to help raise the profile and advocacy work of the organisation.

As a member of the charity’s advisory council, Suwilanji, who is also Zambia Athletics Association president Elias Mpondela’s daughter, will help guide and develop Equitysport programme delivery.

“I’m grateful and honoured to have been given the space to add my voice to this worthy cause. I look forward to joining forces with the rest of the team as we continue to endeavour to make the future of sport fairer, and more equitable for everyone,” said Suwilanji.

And Equitysport executive director Tim Harper said Suwilanji was a role model to her fellow young athletes.

“The decision to bring Suwilanji into the mix was an easy one – she is a role model and an inspiration; a young woman balancing a principled and outspoken desire for real change in sport with a level of maturity, pragmatism and wisdom way beyond her years,” he said. “Suwilanji has an in-depth understanding of the system-built inequities within global sport and has ideas and insights on how to solve them. It is voices like Suwilanji’s that need to be elevated and heard, not just in Zambia, not just in Africa, but throughout the world of sport. I’m very excited to learn from Suwilanji and to see her input guide our programme development and delivery. I know that Equitysport as a charity will be more effective and more impactful with Suwilanji on board.”

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