Politicians are feasting on people’s ignorance – Moyo

DON’T get into office by false preferences, Joseph Moyo has advised politicians.

In an interview, The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) founder said there are a lot of unpractical issues being told to voter by politicians.

“Our concern is the high level of deceit by political players as they go round campaigning. There is high level of false promises being peddled so as to get the voters to vote for them while fully knowing that those promises with the current state of the nation cannot be achieved,” he said. “They are taking people’s vulnerability for granted to ensure that they get elected. This surely amounts to obtaining power by false pretences.”

Moyo said Zambia like so many African states depends on donor handouts and yet politicians want to feast on people’s ignorance.

He said it was sad that Zambians have no power to recall politicians after elections if they feel they were cheated into voting for them.

Moyo said there needs to be consequences for politicians who obtain power by false pretences because these just worsen the poverty levels currently being experienced especially by women.

He appealed to the donor community to invest heavily in voter education apart from capacity building the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

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