SP challenges Kamba to debate on ideologies

THE Socialist Party has challenged Lusaka Province PF chairman Kennedy Kamba to a public debate on political ideology.

On Tuesday, The Mast published a story where Kamba said it would be suicidal to bring socialism in the country because, according to him, it has failed elsewhere.

Kamba was responding to Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe who was quoted in the Monday edition of The Mast as having said that it would be suicidal for the people to vote back President Edgar Lungu and the PF because they have failed.

“It will be suicidal for Zambians to vote back Mr Edgar Lungu and the PF. A vote for Mr Lungu and the PF will be a vote to finish off whatever little life still remains in this country,” said Dr M’membe.

But Kamba said what would in fact be suicidal is to introduce socialism in the country.

“Zambians cannot risk actually to adopt Socialism as a means of governance. This is actually what would be suicidal to do,” said Kamba. “The Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe today is saying it would be suicidal for Zambians to vote for Edgar Lungu. What will [be] suicidal actually is for Zambians to start experimenting leadership with the clueless opposition that is full of rhetoric with a foreign concept as a means of governance… We cannot even afford as a country to get back to Socialism as a means of governance because it failed us when our founding President Dr Kenneth Kaunda (MHSRIP) tried to implement it. Today as we speak, Venezuela, Cuba and a few Socialist countries in the world are really struggling economically, there are issues of food crisis and other essentials.”

But Roan Socialist Party parliamentary candidate Jeff Chabala has accused Kamba of displaying ignorance about socialism.

“Some senior members of the PF party never cease to amaze us with their ignorance of their political ideologies. One wonders what ideological schools some of these so-called leaders undergo,” he said.

“It’s a sad reading in today’s Mast newspaper (no.1715 -Tuesday July 20,2021) that in a bid to sound bold and learned our dear comrade Mr Kamba would not differentiate capitalism and socialism by attacking Dr Fred Mmembe’s article of the previous day. Finally, we challenge comrade Kamba to a debate on ideologies.”

He challenged Kamba to explain if the PF was still a pro-poor party as it claimed.

Chabala highlighted several economic hardships brought about by the PF’s bad policies.

“We wonder if the PF government is still pro-poor considering the high taxes our people are subjected to. The Copperbelt Province has become desolate mainly due to the unemployment, particularly in Roan Constituency, the 28 shaft was flooded in 2008, up to now Mr Kamba’s party which he claims to be pro poor has done nothing,” Chabala added. “As Socialist Party, we intend to de-flood the mine which the ‘pro-poor’ PF have failed to do in years. We would not want to go in details with the tendencies of capitalism but, maybe, the Financial Intelligence [Centre] report may help us define some of it. Maybe the honeybee scandal may help or maybe the exploitation of the miners may help; the list go[es] on and on.”

Chabala insisted that voting for the PF was still suicidal.

He called for a complete change to the country’s political system.

“What is suicidal is to continue with the whole system of capitalists such as the PF. Zambia needs a system change and Dr M’membe is the right person to drive that agenda. We are not bringing Cuba or Venezuela to Zambia but we are struggling for a value system that Zambians had at one time hoped to create for their country,” said Chabala. “We maintain our comandante’s words: ‘it will be suicidal for Zambians to vote back Mr Edgar Lungu and the PF.’ No matter how you would abhor the above statement fwe bena Zambia natwiluka (we the Zambians are now enlightened). We, the Zambian people have resorted to go the socialist way because this is the only system that would see Zambia prosper as we anchor on Justice, Equity and Peace.”

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