US planning to prepare the ground for military aggression, say Cubans

CUBANS have called for global support regarding what they term sustained schemes from the United States of America against the Caribbean island nation.

In a statement, the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of the People’s Power (ANPP) has accused the US of, among other things, heavily sponsoring media propaganda against Cuba.

“They have incited to violence, to crime, to disorder and to social indiscipline, while portraying to the world a totally, scandalously twisted view of our reality as part of the unconventional warfare orchestrated and financed by Washington against our country. [This is] aimed at changing the system freely and sovereignly chosen by our people, as endorsed by the Constitution approved on 10 April 2019, by 86.85 per cent of those who voted, in a democratic election with a high turnout,” the Assembly said in part. “We address ourselves to parliaments, parliamentary friendship groups and legislators, to respond to the immense brutal political and media operation orchestrated and financed by Washington and propagated via social media, replicated automatically to generate hundreds of thousands of tweets and a similar number of followers, with the intensive use of robots, algorithms and accounts newly created for the occasion – all with the support of the international media and the information transnationals.”

ANPP added that the US has tried to portray an image that Cuba had become ungovernable.

“With utter shamelessness, they have disseminated worldwide manipulated images of events in other countries to demonstrate, as instructed in their manuals, that Cuba lacks governability, that the nation is in chaos, while alleging internal repression which does not exist,” ANPP said.

The People’s Assembly wondered why the US maintained an economic blockade on a nation that was also affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The ANPP also accused the US of preparing the ground for military aggression against Cuba.

“In the throes of a pandemic of such gravity for mankind – which in Cuba, as the statistics show, receives permanent, proper attention – the US government, not satisfied with having escalated the criminal and genocidal blockade and financial persecution to perverse extremes and having applied 243 inhuman measures during the last four years in an attempt to stifle our people – now they are planning to prepare the ground for military aggression with the familiar pretext of ‘humanitarian intervention’, in violation of our laws, of international law and of the UN Charter,” ANPP added. “As is apparent from the images that have been disseminated, there have been disturbances, and various groups in certain localities have committed acts of vandalism, caused physical damage, made death threats and committed serious assaults, disrupting with flagrantly criminal acts the state of law and order that characterises our country.”

They said the US was disappointed that the social uprising it anticipated in Cuba had not happened.

“The social uprising so vigorously promoted and craved by Washington has not happened. As a result of over 60 years of blockade, we have accumulated problems that are aggravated by the pandemic, the huge expense it implies and the economic crisis it generates,” said ANPP. “The Cuban people, united, determined and enterprising, must seek solutions and – as always in the past – build on and implement socio-economic strategies, progress with creativity and rectify where necessary, while confronting with intelligence and daring the economic war waged against it, which constitutes the primary obstacle to development and the full exercise of human rights. Do not be deceived. The Cuban people will advance with its party and government headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, with the National Assembly of the People’s Power and its Council of State which represents them, and with their civil institutions and organisations.”

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