Lungu is ruthless, he won’t allow free campaigns – Akafumba

[By Edwin Mbulo in Kalabo]

NEVER expect electoral fair play from President Edgar Lungu and his police, NDC interim president Josephs Akafumba advises the opposition.

Akafumba said Zambians are now fighting for a second democratic independence.

“Edgar Lungu is ruthless and heartless, he will not allow us to freely campaign. We are literally fighting for electoral independence than that we got in 1991,” he said. “If we expect fair play from Mr Chagwa Lungu or his police it will be like waiting for Jesus Christ. So if it means campaigning let’s do it in any manner that will not put us and our voters at risk of COVID-19 as the PF is doing to Zambians. If the police come for us for doing what is right in the eyes of Zambians that in itself is a campaign for us because the entire country will know.”

Akafumba said the PF through President Lungu have become COVID-19 super spreaders.

“Mr Lungu is going to be in Livingstone on Wednesday to pretend that he has built a market and bus station when they were [Michael] Sata’s brain child which he (President Lungu) had abandoned since he took over office from Mr Sata,” he said. “So I want to warn Livingstone residents that the PF are literary bringing more COVID-19 to you.”

He reminded the PF and the police that had the MMD been ruthless the way President Lungu is, PF would not be in power today.

Akafumba, a former justice permanent secretary in the Sata administration, said in 2010 and 2011 he traversed Southern Province holding meetings for PF in the opposition under Michael Sata without any police harassment and intimidation.

“Sata went around without any incidence. No one was shot at or killed. Why now? The ECZ need to speak out and protect the opposition because everyone is an equal candidate as is Edgar Lungu. We need a fair playing field and the ECZ is not helping us in anyway,” he said. “Why is Edgar Lungu scared of Hakainde Hichilema not Nevers Mumba? Because wherever he has been he keeps on talking or referring to the UPND-Alliance leader. Anyway, I know that he is fully aware that he (Hichilema) is the next Head of State.”

And addressing UPND supporters at the Western Province secretariat, Akafumba said the PF has terribly divided the nation on tribal lines.

He said the UPND-Alliance will seek to unite the nation across tribal lines.

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