Let’s be careful with wolves clothed in sheep’s skin, Fr Miti warns voters

CHIPATA Catholic Diocese judicial vicar Fr Evans Miti says politicians seeking votes ahead of next month’s elections should have a compassionate and generous heart.

In his sermon at St Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday, Fr Miti said people should have a giving heart.

“God is awakening all of us to think about the poor. To you who are soliciting for votes, now that we are barely two weeks and some days before the general elections, the Church is asking you leaders who are vying for different positions to have a compassionate and generous heart,” he said. “That’s what we want. We want such kind of leaders out there. We know that there are also stories being said out there which are not true, mainly to deceive people hoping that you are the best yet you know that you are wolf in a sheep’s skin.”

Fr Miti said politicians should ensure their messages were moved with pity and compassion for the people who are living in abject poverty.

“Many people are so poor in this country and you will find politicians dishing out money and calling them names, whatever names they are calling them and then you are saying ‘this is a good leader’ – be very careful!” he warned. “We want people who are able to look at the welfare of the people genuinely, sincerely and with a good heart. Let us be careful with the wolves who have clothed themselves in a sheep’s skin and telling us that they are good people. I am not saying that there are no good people out there. Good people are there.”

Fr Miti urged the people not to be moved or blinded by money.

He said the government is supposed to provide for its citizens so that they could have enough for a living.

Fr Miti said the Church should continue looking at the physical and spiritual aspect of a human being.

“The government is supposed to provide for its citizens so that they should have enough for their living. We are talking about basic human needs like healthcare. Are you provided enough? Justice, do you have it? Are you protected, are human rights protected?” he asked. “When there is disaster, are we protected? Do we have policies that are helping people to have the basic human needs? Do we have policies by the government to help you survive physically? If we have, then it is the duty of the Church to appraise the government. But if it is not doing fine in one of the sectors it is the duty of the Church to help, to advise with love in order for the people to live a decent life.”

Fr Miti said God gave leaders power to help those that were in need.

“But if we have leaders who don’t listen and they do their own things, which they think are right yet the people are suffering, the Church comes in to say ‘if you do this, God is going to punish you’. Because God has given you that power so that you help those that are in need,
so that you help those that are suffering,” he said. “Let’s look at our country. Do we have what it takes for people to live a decent life? It could be yes or no. I don’t want to be political but you yourselves know it very well. There are so many people on the street, orphans not only orphans but also people who have parents and yet they are suffering.”
Fr Miti said Christians should do what they can to help those that are suffering.

“We should have a kind heart that is willing to help those that are in need. We should be generous and this is supposed to start from your homes. If parents are generous and kind, we expect the children to also be like that,” said Fr Miti. “God is inviting all of us to live the life worthy of our vocation as religious people, as the laity by being kind and good to one another so that a Christian community should be a happy community.”

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