Mpezeni preaches against dirty politics, tribalism

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni says politicians should desist from dirty politics of violence where they are beating each other and burning each other’s cars.

In his message of peace ahead of next month’s elections, Mpezeni said politicians should conduct peaceful campaigns.

“Mau bangu kuli aba bandale, niyakuti sebelani bwino ndale zanu, osati monga mwationela pa TV kushokelana katundu, kushokelana ma motoka, kunyata namapanga, simutendere uja; chionesha kuti sindise banthu ogwirizana (my message, to politicians is that play your politics well, not what we are seeing on TV where people are burning each other’s properties, cars and hacking each other with machetes, that’s not peace, it looks as if we are not united),” he said.

Mpezeni said the late Kenneth Kaunda managed to unite Zambia’s 73 tribes.

“Dr Kaunda was not foolish to have united 73 tribes. We can make government by involving a lot of provinces, one province like Eastern Province alone or Southern Province, cannot make government,” he said.

Mpezeni said people should not segregate each other based on their tribe because they did not choose to belong to any tribe but it was the will of God.

“Tiyeni seo azitsogoleri osati tikosankhana mtundu, vilekeke vosankhana mtundu. Mulungu etipanga ndise banthu tonse; kuli mzungu, mwenye, munthu mufipa ngati neo, tonse ndise banthu amodzi. Pakuti ndise banthu so osati tikopatulana, nanga mulungu paliye tipatule (Let us leaders not segregate each other, this thing must stop. God created us differently; there are whites, Asians and black people like me but we are all one people. Now that we are all humans, we should not segregate each other,”) he said.

Mpezeni said leaders were the ones that were promoting tribalism.

“We leaders are the ones who encourage tribalism. But as leaders, as traditional leaders, we should not segregate people on tribal lines. We are one and we are leaders for every person. I have seen that in other areas, there is no tribalism but in other places there is tribalism,” he said.

Mpezeni urged Zambians to go and vote properly and not to overburden the police by doing wrong things.

“Let’s go and vote in peace the way we registered. After voting we should wait for the results,” he said.

Mpezeni advised that whoever would emerge victorious should be respected.

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