Southern Province is fatigued with the opposition – Mwale

EASTERN Province PF presidential campaign coordinator Vincent Mwale says the ruling party expects better performance in Southern, Western and North-Western provinces on August 12.

Featuring on Breeze FM’s Political Hour programme on Tuesday, Mwale said their candidate Edgar Lungu would surprise many with his improved performance when results are announced.

He said President Lungu and the PF had maintained dominance in all the strongholds and was destined for a very big victory.

“People are fatigued in Southern Province. They are saying ‘why should we stick to something that makes us look as if we are isolating ourselves from our colleagues, we haven’t seen any fault in this person? Why should we reject him?’” Mwale said. “President Lungu is going to surprise people [with] the votes he is going to get in Southern Province. In Western Province if we are not 50-50 then we are above 50, in North-Western Province, the same we are going to share even the seats there.”

On violence which the ruling party is mainly associated with, Mwale said there was no more room for that.

“There is no room for violence in the PF because we have got things to talk about in our campaigns. It is not in our interest to engage in violence. We have sent a clear message to our members in the campaign team, our youths and our candidates who are very busy on the ground,” he added. “We have seen on social media, a few incidences of violence outside Eastern Province, but we’ll protect our province. Look, we are all related in one way or another. All of us here in Eastern Province are one people. There is no reason why people should be maiming each other, getting pangas. Violence does not help anyone.”

And Mwale said there is no revolution in Lusaka and that people should not be cheated.

“When the President is moving in Lusaka, you can’t compare the opposition with President Lungu in Lusaka. When he goes to Kanyama, when he goes to Mandevu…Now because he wants to protect people’s lives from COVID-19, he does not do that often. He doesn’t want to go out because he is attracting too much crowd because he is scared that he might be putting people at risk of Covid,” he said. “He has actually applied a lot of breaks because he is attracting a lot of people. There is no wind of change in Lusaka, don’t be cheated tisanamizidwe boza (let’s not be cheated). There is no wind of change on the Copperbelt.”

Mwale said more people were leaving the UPND going to PF at both grassroots and senior levels.

“What I can tell you is that where there is a wind of change, it can be seen but we should not cheat ourselves [because] there is nothing like that. Fourteen days from now, President Lungu will win these elections. In 2015, he told people that I am winning these elections, they doubted but he won and all those who were doubting were puzzled. He told people in 2016 I am winning. He won – fair, square and clean,” Mwale added. “Similarly, even now, the President is telling us and I am telling you that I have been

privileged to move round with the President to all the provinces. That man is loved, that man has so much attraction to the people.”

Meanwhile, Mwale said those in the opposition did not have a clue on how to run government.

“Those that are not in power, all they are looking at [is that] ‘things have gone up, these people are denying you fertiliser, teachers and nurses are not being employed’. They have no clue that running government is sophisticated. It involves a lot of things,” he said. “They are behaving like a child who at home does not understand how the parents are struggling to look after them because the parents are paying their school fees, they are making sure they do so many things to look after them. This is exactly what government is doing. It is looking after the farmers, the civil servants and so many things.”

While admitting failures in the PF administration, Mwale however boasted of scoring some successes.

“The government of President Edgar Lungu has fostered development within a short period of time and this is the development that can be seen. Yes, certain things may not have happened the way they were supposed to but the President is understanding and is ready to address

those things that are not okay,” said Mwale.