Youths shouldn’t sell their future for few pieces of silver – Nakazwe

A UPND youth has cautioned young Zambians against falling prey to selfish politicians at the expense of little amounts of money.

Chomba Nakazwe of Lusaka Central Constituency said youths must stay alert ahead of this year’s polls.

“Youths shouldn’t sell their future for few pieces of gold and silver. They should look at the bigger picture – and that’s being empowered, employed,” Nakazwe said in an interview. “What the young people are being given now is not worth their future and that of their children. In these elections, the youths are the ones who are going to determine which party or leader is going to govern.”

She said statistics show that youths are the highest, even in terms of voter registration.

“So, let’s not allow certain political parties to take advantage of us, by offering us small amounts of money,” Nakazwe said. “Let’s look at making money ourselves by being given a decent job opportunity or running a viable business entity.”

She emphasised that youths must not sell their future just because of: “little amounts of money being thrown around by desperate politicians.”

“The only time we’ll get to see some of these politicians again is when there is another election in 2026. We should learn what has happened to us over these past few years,” said Nakazwe. “In terms of violence, let us not be used. You’ll find that these high-profile politicians are always intact. You’ll never hear about them being beaten. But it’s the youths who fall victim to political violence, and others have even died because of the vice of violence. We need to be alert as youths and not fall prey to selfish leaders who care only about themselves.”

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