It’s difficult for a constituency with high illiteracy levels to develop – Independent candidate

CHIPATA Central independent candidate Ruth Grand Phiri says it is difficult for a constituency with high illiteracy levels to develop.

And Phiri says she cannot be intimidated by men who are contesting the same seat.

Featuring on a special programme on Feel Free FM, Ruth said education promotes development.

“From my reputation, I have been empowering a lot of children in Chipata Central with education opportunities. I have been helping children from both primary and secondary schools and even universities. My Foundation has partnered with five universities and they are offering scholarships. Other universities are offering hundred per cent scholarships, others are offering 50 per cent, 25 per cent, depending on the programme that a person wants to pursue,” she said.

Ruth said it was easy to foster development when many children are educated.

“When you have educated children, it will be easy to foster development. These children will study different fields, in turn this will benefit the people of Chipata. I have a deliberate programme of encouraging people to plough back to Chipata. If you have been raised by Chipata, you have to remember where you came from. This is our Chipata, it raised us and everything that we learnt from Chipata should be taken back through our contribution in various areas,” she said.

Ruth said Chipata should not be left to anyone who is not coming from Chipata.

“We are capable of taking care of Chipata. I have been raised by Chipata, therefore, I am very proud to represent Chipata and bring the development that we have been eyeing for a long period of time. Go round compounds in Chipata, you will hear that we are working with Ruth Grand. Education is very important, you know a constituency which has high illiteracy levels cannot development,” she said.

Ruth said those who are blessed should bless others.

“Real Christianity entails that those who are blessed should bless others. I get inspired by Jesus; He used to feed more than 5000 people when we know that Jesus, there is no record where He said He was a rich man. Helping and working with the community is my agenda,” she said.

And Ruth said she was not intimidated by men but that most men were intimidated by her.
“What is happening is the opposite, I don’t get intimidated by men but it is them who get intimidated with me. This is the reason why when I put posters, they remove them. They remove my posters and replace them with theirs. I want to remind the youths not to be used by my opponents to remove my posters,” she said.

Ruth said her male opponents were intimidated by her because Chipata Central has made a decision to vote for her.

“The people want me to represent them here in Chipata Central, not because I am a woman but because of the message that I am delivering. My message is premised on what Chipata needs and the challenges that the people face. Some candidates have no message to the people and they resort to insults and using vulgar language,” said Ruth.

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