Don’t relax that HH has already won, cautions Ngoma

DON’T relax saying HH awina kudala, Sinda Constituency UPND candidate Levy Ngoma has cautioned members.

He has also urged voters to remain at the polling stations to protect their vote after voting.

Ngoma, the party’s national management member in charge of agriculture, addressed people on Friday when Hichilema visited the district.

He called on the party members never to relax until after August 12 when UPND takes over government.

“Hakainde Hichilema is happy with what you showed him, the love you have showed him and he says what you have done to him, he will never forget you,” he told a multitude of Sinda residents.

Ngoma said the UPND had gained ground in Eastern Province.

“Cipani ca UPND kuno kumawa cadya moto (UPND in Eastern Province is fired up), we have hammered them (PF). Please, let’s keep our faith. Don’t lose hope, it’s just a while, we will be happy. 12th August is a day of redemption, let’s go and vote. Don’t relax saying HH awina kudala…please let’s protect our votes. Don’t leave the polling stations after voting, protect your votes,” urged Ngoma.

Sinda council chairperson candidate Davide Tembo said UPND would engage in development talk, not violence.

He said the erecting of streetlights that do not even work was development of the illiterate.
He assured the people that under the UPND, fertiliser which has become inaccessible would only cost K250.

Tembo said from the time Edgar Lungu became President, everything had collapsed because he was a failure himself.

“When Chagwa became the President, fertiliser was K250 but now we can’t talk…Agriculture has collapsed because his name is Chagwa,” he said.

Tembo further said the PF government was under pressure from the UPND.

“Tabafaka pressure and bainvela (We have put them under pressure and they can feel it). Let’s give them more pressure. Let’s choose government that will take care of the poor. In hospitals, there are no medicines as patients are given prescriptions to buy drugs on their own, no gloves but on TV they say they have done this and that! liars!” said Tembo.

Kapoche Constituency independent candidate Emmanuel Nkhoma, who also joined Hichilema’s convoy, said it was time to change and move forward.

He said no person in Zambia could demarcate the nation which belongs to all Zambians.

A Sinda cyclist Royd Phiri said there was potential in Hichilema.

Phiri expressed confidence that things would be better when Hichilema forms government.

“I am waiting for Hakainde Hichilema who is coming from Katete so that…glad when I see him. I want to give him support so that my soul gets relief. I have seen that Hakainde is the only one who will bring development that will place my life at peace than suffering,” said Phiri.
And Michelle Njobvu lamented hardships under the Lungu leadership.

“We pay K350 to give birth in St Francis, so we want to change the president so that things can be better. I like and love HH because I believe he can bring better development than Edgar Lungu,” said Njobvu.

Hichilema had no chance of talking to people as his visit to the district was under a heavily armed battalion of police officers that followed him.

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