Explain unauthorised consignment among ballot material from Dubai, Mukuni asks ECZ

SENIOR Chief Mukuni says the integrity of the electoral process is of utmost importance.

Commenting on the the news of various pieces of equipment that were discovered among the goods and chattels in the form of election materials consigned to the Electoral Commission of Zambia, Mukuni said: “ECZ in the presence of all stakeholders should dispose of this unclaimed and unwelcome baggage by destroying the equipment in a transparent manner.”

“The integrity of the electoral process is of utmost importance especially as we approach the final moments of this long journey…more troubling is the news that the ECZ have denied that the equipment belongs to the Commission and that the owner is therefore unknown,” he said. “This is as surprising as it is unconvincing. The consignee of the luggage in question is the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Emirates flight was chartered by themselves and seen off in Dubai by their officials.”

Mukuni wondered how the equipment could have therefore sneaked itself into the ECZ container load without the knowledge of the Commission for them to feign ignorance.

“Zambians still remember the bizarre story of the 48 houses which had no owners. We can’t afford a repeat story especially over a matter that could affect the credibility of an election less than two weeks away,” said Mukuni. “The people deserve a free, fair, transparent and credible election whose outcome will unite them for the greater good of our communities, now and in future.”

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