M’MEMBE STRONGER…more resolute in his fight for justice, equity and peace – Musumali

FRED M’membe is a true Zambian patriot, a voice of the masses, says Socialist Party general secretary and first vice-president Cosmas Musumali.

He says fewer have attracted that much venom from the corrupt ruling elite than Dr M’membe which was aimed at crippling him economically and psychologically but that, “Fred has grown stronger and more resolute in his fight for justice, equity and peace”.

In a statement yesterday, Dr Musumali, who is Dr M’membe’s running mate in next week’s presidential election, stated that the Socialist Party leader loves Zambians.

He stated that Dr M’membe has been fighting for Zambians’ human, political, and economic rights for more than 40 years.
He stated that Dr M’membe took up the fight against injustice in the late 1970s as a student.

“He founded a socialist student newsletter. Its focus was on Zambian, international and student politics. It was an informative and influential left-wing newsletter that called for justice and equity, and provided solidarity with the national liberation movements in southern Africa,” Dr Musumali stated. “Later, in 1990, Fred was to build on this student experience to help edit Multiparty News. This was a newsletter initiated by the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) advocating political change in Zambia. This was before he set up The Post newspaper in July 1991.”

Dr Musumali stated that Dr M’mnembe did not establish The Post in order to make money.

“It was a political move,” he stated. “He wanted to contribute to the consolidation of democracy in our country. The Post was a political project – and, ironically, died a political death.”
Dr Musumali stated that through The Post, Dr M’membe created a platform where Zambians had a loud voice and fearlessly pointed out the shortcomings of the existing establishment.

“And, because of that, he has been both loved and hated, depending upon the point of view of those who judged him,” he stated.

He noted that Dr M’membe has been arrested, insulted and abused, stripped of his earnings and personal effects.

“His home has been invaded, vandalised and occupied by the state. Fewer have attracted that much venom from the corrupt, ruling elite. The aim was to cripple him economically and psychologically – to stop him from being a voice of the masses,” Dr Musumali stated. “And this has been going on for almost 30 years now. Yet Fred has grown stronger and more resolute in his fight for justice, equity and peace.”

He stated that Dr M’membe, today, was more resilient than ever before.

“He is in the true sense uwesu, wathu-wathu, wesu, wetu, waluna and yowetu, for the voiceless masses,” stated Dr Musumali.

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