There were no irregularities in the $26,160 wired to Nchito & Nchito Advocates – Witness

A BANKER at ABSA has told the Lusaka Magistrates Court that there were no irregularities in relation to the US $26,160 that was transferred to Nchito and Nchito Advocates by Ultimate Insurance.

This is in a matter where three directors of Marshlands Consortium Limited Tobias Milambo, Nachi Musonda and Richard Lubemba are facing charges of forgery, uttering of false documents, obtaining goods by false pretences and theft involving $41,980.

Chitambo Chonta, a relationship manager, told magistrate Alice Walusiku that her colleague Libangawarr testified before court over an instruction which was given to the bank by Ultimate Insurance on October 4, 2019 brought by Richard Lubemba, directing that Ultimate Insurance transfers $26,160 to Nchito and Nchito for legal fees.

“When my colleague came to testify, we (ABSA) had not retrieved the original copy of the instructions but she (Libangawarr) came with a scanned copy of the original instructions. I can confirm that it’s a scanned copy of the original instructions,” Chonta said.

In cross-examination by the accused’s lawyers Osborne Ngoma and Andrew Kombe, the witness said the instructions were effected because Lubemba instructed the bank to process it and upon confirming some details and discovering everything was okay.

“We verified the signatories, the details of the account and the person who instructed the bank,” the witness said

Asked if she saw Lubemba produce the documents at the bank, Chonta denied.

She confirmed that the instructions do not specify the purpose of the legal fees as it was generalised.

Chonta said the instructions were processed in October 2019 and not July 31, 2019 as depicted on the charge sheet

She further confirmed that there were no irregularities on the transfer of the funds.

The matter comes on September 9.

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