We are winning, declares Lungu

MAY the best candidate win, President Edgar Lungu said after he cast his vote at Andrew Mwenya polling station at Crawford School in Lusaka’s Chawama compound.

The Head of State, who was accompanied by his spouse Esther, was of the belief that his party the Patriotic Front would return to power claiming it was a winning team.

“We are winning. I wouldn’t have been in the race if we are not winning. We are a winning team,” President Lungu said.

He urged electorates not to loiter at the polling stations after voting as it would spark turmoil.

“Those who are coming let them come and vote and go back home and stay and wait patiently and peacefully. I hear some politicians are advocating for people to hang around polling centres that will just bring chaos,” President Lungu said. “I have voted. I am going home to listen to the radio, newspapers, TV, and wait for results to be declared. That’s how elections are done. So please don’t hang around polling stations. Just go home. It will just bring confusion, congestion and unnecessary anarchy.”

He advised voters to be vigilant of blunders on the ballot papers as they cast their vote.

“I noticed when I went to cast my vote that I was given a ballot paper which was not stamped behind and we are happy we alerted the returning officer. It is their duty to stamp it. So those of you who are voting watch out for such lapses because I have heard that a vote that does not have a stamp behind and a cross are not valid,” President Lungu said. “If we are not competent enough we can ask for help, like what I saw this morning sometimes you are exhausted in the afternoon and there may be so many silly mistakes so let’s avoid that.”

President Lungu was delighted that Zambians were ready to vote and they turned out in numbers, like what happened in 2011.

“I hope that many people will come and cast their votes. May the best candidate win,” said President Lungu.

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