ECZ guides PF over electoral complaints

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia says it cannot be coerced by some political parties to announce results endorsed by them.

This was after Patriotic Front secretary general Davis Mwila questioned the legality of election results in North Western, Southern and Western provinces where the UPND polled the highest results.

Mwila claimed some of the party’s poll staff in the said provinces were restricted from accessing the polling centres, while others were abducted.

But ECZ chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano guided that issues of such nature were supposed to be addressed at polling stations.

“It’s actually at the polling station where issues are resolved and it’s closed. The vote starts and ends at the polling station. It’s not for stakeholders to approve what the commission will announce,” Nshindano said. “This process had already happened at the polling station, the vote has been closed by the presiding officer, that’s the final result, it cannot be altered. At the totalling center there is confirmation of that vote that was closed at the totalling centere by the stakeholders. You cannot come here and say what was announced at the polling station is not correct.”

Nshindano, however, assured Mwila that his concerns would be addressed at a later stage.

Leadership Movement media director Tatila Tatila urged the PF to comprehend the outcome of the results.

“Zambian people voted and the will of the people should be announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia. The PF are buying time, these issues of saying polling agents were not allowed cannot be brought here. As Leadership Movement, we don’t want ECZ to tolerate this behaviour by PF, they held a press briefing yesterday and said that their PVT shows that they are ahead,” Tatila said. “If they are winning, why are they worried? The story has changed today, didn’t they have a press briefing yesterday where they said they are winning? And people have lost elections] in this country like MMD, they [PF] should just accept the reality. Zambia belongs to Zambians, rich or poor, it belongs to them and ECZ should stop wasting our time.”

Tatila said it was impossible for a presidential candidate with the highest number of members of Parliament to lose an election.

“We know the winner. How can someone who has 109 members of parliament lose elections? Let’s stop playing, we are not here for jokes,” said Tatila.

Doreen Mwamba, who is UPND national chairperson for women, said Mwila’s allegations were false as the PF’s polling staff appended their signatures on the Gen 20 forms confirming results in the three provinces were correct.

“We have signed copies by all political parties who participated in the just ended general elections from Southern Province, North Western Province, Western Province signed by all political parties. The issue should have been raised at the polling station but we are not here to fight ECZ, we are urging it to do the right thing. Zambians voted, they know who they voted for,” said Mwamba.

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