This was more of a protest vote – Kateka

PEOPLE were telling a story, this was more of a protest vote, says New Heritage Party president Chishala Kateka

She said Zambians were not against her party but that “they were fighting to get a certain government out of power”.

Speaking at the national totalling centre after she accepted defeat, she wished that Zambians were the ultimate winner of the August 12 general elections.

“Following our participation in the 2021 elections in which the New Heritage Party sponsored me as presidential candidate, I now wish on behalf of my party to concede defeat. We recognise that there can only be one winner in an election,” Kateka said. “We as New Heritage Party went into the election believing we had the best manifesto to develop our beloved country. And we did our best to convince the people about the supremacy of our plans. The people of Zambia have made their choice and we fully respect that as it is the bedrock of democracy to accept the will of the people.”

She indicated that she would issue a congratulatory message to the winner after the electoral body has made the official announcement.

Kateka urged the public and political parties not to put electoral officers under pressure but allow them to perform their duty.

“May all the Zambians be the ultimate winner,” said Kateka.

And the Leadership Movement has also conceded defeat and says it is convinced that UPND Alliance has won the election.

Party president Richard Silumbe has since congratulated Hakainde Hichilema for carrying the day.

He called on the ECZ to expedite the process of announcing the results.

Dr Silumbe said the people have spoken through the ballot in order to combat corruption and greediness that had engulfed the nation.

He said he was confident that UPND Alliance would uphold its commitment to the Zambian people in order to stir progressive development.

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