We’ve hammered PF – KBF

LUSAKA lawyer and UPND Alliance partner Kelvin Fube Bwalya says the alliance has scored and managed to take their leader to State House.

Briefing the media in the company of other alliance partners, Bwalya said the alliance had persevered to attain victory.

“We prepared and we persevered. We were ready for these elections. We all went around the country firing everywhere. You saw how we hammered them,” he said. “We were curving it like [David] Beckham. At the end of the day, we have scored. We have gotten Hakainde Hichilema to State House which was our aim.”

He said if PF polling agents were not at the polling stations, it was their fault.

“I am saying to President Lungu…mwaloba ilyauma, nacipwa (you’ve caught dry fish, it is finished). Bola naiteeka bwana, efyo tuteya nififine (Football has been played, and this is how we play). That’s the end of the story, bola ni 90,” he said. “It is not the duty of ECZ for political parties to have polling agents at the polling station. Whether they are there or not, the results will be verified, announced and sent out. If the PF did not have polling agents, in Southern, Western and North Western, that is not a problem of ECZ. Neither is it a problem of the UPND alliance. It is a failure in the system of the PF.”
NDC interim president Josephs Akafumba said petitioning was business for those who had lost the election.

“President Hakainde has won. So we are not even thinking of petitioning. It’s them to petition. I am a Christian and I came across a verse that states that leadership comes from God. I disagree, it should have read some leadership come from God because there is no way God would have given us the leadership of President Lungu which has caused a disaster to this country,” he said. “To my brothers and sisters in the markets and bus stations, I say something better is coming. You do not deserve to be call boys under the leadership of President Hakainde. All of them will be found something to do. We need to reconstruct this country.”

Akafumba added that “we are aware that some of these mobile money booths operators are diploma and degree holders and they are levied by PF”.

“In fact the PF have lost this election because of the cadres. Cadres are giving land…the local government has collapsed completely. The 7th President who will be sworn in shortly will bring order,” said Akafumba.

And alliance chairman Charles Milupi said efforts to blame any particular tribe for the PF’s loss in the election should not be allowed.

“Stop immediately attempts to divide this country. People just voted in response to your leadership style, so don’t single out anyone or any tribe. To the people, ready yourselves to celebrate the inauguration of Mr Hichilema as the 7th President of this country and his vice madam Mutale Nalumango,” said Milupi.

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