Bowman should show contrition, apologise to Zambians

IF there is one strong point the August 12 elections have emphasised it is the reality that real power lies in the hands of the people. It is them who carry a ‘long stick’, and not those they elect to govern them. No wonder, after being quietly annoyed with PF’s poor governance, they waited to show that anger through the vote. Hence their punishment of Edgar Lungu and his minions who thought that they would forever hold on to power at whatever cost.

Edgar divided this country without shame. He hired shameless goons to propagate tribalism in the northern part of the country. To their shame, President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema got a lot of votes from the northern circuit. As if to shame Edgar and his lackeys, all the 10 provinces of this country endorsed Hichilema.

The August 12 election was revolt against Edgar’s tribalism, lawlessness, nepotism, corruption, violence, and all sorts of vices one can think of.

And today one of Edgar’s bootlickers, Bowman Lusambo should be asking Hichilema to unite the country?

“Congratulations to President-Elect Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. Indeed, the election was a game of 90 minutes and the 90 minutes is over and we now have a winner. Mr President Sir, Zambia is currently divided and your job is to unite the nation. The three major issues you need to urgently address are poverty, unemployment and the high disease burden,” says Bowman. “During the campaigns, politics were done and some things were said. As you take up the highest office in the land, you assume the responsibility of a Father of the Nation and we are all one in your eyes because we are all Zambians. Your responsibility is to govern, our responsibility is to provide checks and balances and that we SHALL do. I know that what unites us is greater than what divides us and when we work together as a people, the entire Zambia wins. We are ready to work with the new administration as we advance the Kabushi development agenda.”

It seems all along the light bulbs had gone off in Bowman’s head! He lived in a mirage – the developed Zambia he used to talk about revolved around his provincial office and his mansion! He’s finding extremely difficult to swallow the PF’s exit from power – a fall from grace. It must be hurting Bowman! We know that Bowman does not and can never have any morals because that is alien to him. Morals mean nothing because Bowman does not have a conscious and he probably will never have it. Hence his quick and unreasoned reminder to Hichilema that this country is deeply divided, in poverty, and diseased. The question is, who brought those things on this nation other than Bowman and his fellow lumpens?

The same poverty Bowman is talking about, has he only seen it after the PF’s embarrassing defeat? Is this not the same Bowman who called Lusaka a Dubai because of the flyovers? Is this not the same Bowman who mocked Zambians for their poverty and described K2 million as pocket money? Is he only seeing disease in the nation now that he has gone back to the opposition?

We wish to remind the young man that, yes, he has retained his Kabushi parliamentary seat but the nation is watching his every move. The nation will also ask him to account for the cash he flaunted all over, now that Edgar is not there to protect him. Yet, this is the same Bowman who had nothing before Edgar made him provincial minister.

We always warned PF leaders that the time to account would come.

So, Bowman should just keep quiet on these issues because it is his own government which promoted tribalism, increased poverty and squalor, left hospitals without medicines. Bowman and his boss Edgar divided the country, an act which attracted the wrath of Zambians. We therefore advise Bowman to stop annoying citizens more than the outgoing regime has already done. He should show contrition to the Zambian people whom he abused in all sorts of ways. Let Bowman and his PF own their failure.

As R William Bennett aptly puts it, “Remorse is a heavy burden, but in its weight, it has great power to awaken men’s souls.”

And David D Burns adds, “Guilt doesn’t help. What should fill in for it? Remorse. Remorse is when you feel bad about what you did. Guilt is when you feel bad about who you are.”

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