Let rule of law not politically inclined hooligans prevail, urges PAC

WE continue to observe with deep concern the unabated harassment of bus and taxi drivers by politically inclined thugs seeking retribution against perceived PF cadres at various commuter points, says Andyford Banda.

In a statement yesterday, the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) leader said what was happening was tragically ironic because it was common knowledge that most of the bus and taxi drivers were not PF cadres.

He called on the new government to protect the drivers.

“Most of the bus and taxi drivers were not PF cadres. The hoods, T/shirts they wore and Chitenges we saw in their vehicles was a survival strategy to feed their families. They are the ones who actually brought change because they were tired of being harassed. Let’s protect them. The irony is that these comrades are actually the ones who boldly sparked the change of regime because they were frustrated by the previous government and were tired of being harassed by ruling party cadres,” Banda said.

He wondered why bus and taxi drivers should now be victims of their own victory.

He stated that there was need for them to be protected and not victimised.

“Let the rule of law and not the rule of politically inclined hooligans prevail at all commuter points,” said Banda.

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