Zambians refused to feed on Edgar’s tribal menu

Human beings are a noble species of God’s creation because they have the ability to reason and love each other. They appreciate each other, understand each other in very sense. Hence, dividing them by whatever means is something they have never and will never tolerate, especially in a nation such as ours. And any leader who tries to divide human beings, they reject this evil act, either through street protests or the ballot.

And Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia bishop William Mchombo says the August 12 poll outcome shows that Zambians hate tribalism.

“I think the issue of tribalism was prominent for some of the political players. Now this election has only shown that Zambians do not feed on tribalism. Zambians aspire for unity, Zambians believe in one another – a Tonga, a Chewa, a Kaonde, Bemba. As far as Zambians are

concerned, they are One Zambia One Nation,” says Bishop Mchombo. “So, it’s a lesson to the politicians, never ever should they campaign on tribal lines. This is One Zambia One Nation. And as a Christian nation, we are all created in the image of God. We are one people and the votes that have been given to Mr Hakainde Hichilema have come from all parts of Zambia to show that we are one country and we cherish this unity. So, politics should not be used to divide the people on tribal lines. Politics should be used to bring people together so that together we can drive this nation.”

It cannot be explained any better than this. Since the time Edgar Lungu and his minions went on this tribal trajectory the whole nation spoke against it. But because they were puffed up by State power they never listened. There is a Bemba adage that umwana ashumfwa, ekalisha ilyo anya; literally translated, a stubborn child will only tone down after messing himself or herself. So then, Edgar and his clique will only listen now because they no longer have State power which they abused throughout their stay in office.

They crippled all State institutions that people could run to for justice. Our judiciary became a source of injustice for all those perceived to be enemies of Edgar and PF. To make matters worse, they promoted tribalism all their time in office. This worsened during campaigns.

Specifically, Chishimba Kambwili traversed the northern party of the country telling people not to vote for the UPND because, according to him, it was for the Tonga speaking people only. Kambwili and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba deeply divided the country on tribal lines in the hope that it could earn the PF votes. How cruel can a government be to its people!

But Zambians from other parts of the country did not buy into this nonsense. Quiet as they were, Zambians developed so much anger against Edgar, which culminated into the heavy defeat the PF suffered. Zambians from all the 10 provinces spoke against Edgar’s tribalism by endorsing Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND. Hakainde is the man the PF accused of being tribal. But Zambians refused to feed on this dirty PF menu. They said Hakainde is one of their own in whom they saw a leader that would unite the country – a national leader.

How many times did we warn Edgar against the tribal card that he was flaunting all over the country against the UPND? Did he ever condemn tribalism? No, Edgar never did because he was under the illusion that it benefited him politically.

We are reminded by Fundile S Nyaweni that: “A good leader is not stubborn, a good leader listens, takes advice. A good leader is one whom people are not afraid to talk to. A good leader is born not made. Those who are made are always hungry for power, they want to be seen and their leadership felt.”

In agreeing with Bishop Mchombo, we say indeed the people of Zambia rejected PF’s tribalism. They showed PF that they are far above pettiness and smarter that Edgar thought he was. No wonder this time all PF vuvuzelas have gone quiet, including those who vowed that “if UPND wins, cut my manhood”. They have all scampered like rats.

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