Let’s have The Post back or compensate owners – Nyirenda

LEEMANS Nyirenda says President Hakainde Hichilema needs the help of all well-meaning Zambians to fight corruption.

Nyirenda, a good governance activist, said a free press is important in the fight against corruption.

He charged that without The Post Newspaper, former president Frederick Chiluba would have ransacked the country.

“Without The Post, our democratic gains would have been eroded. We need a media that is liberal. We need The Post because the paper proved that it could be a liberal newspaper,” Nyirenda said.

He called for the rebirth of the newspaper which was closed by the PF regime during the 2016 electoral campaigns.

“Let us have The Post back or let us have the owners compensated. The government disregarded a court order in liquidating the company. The injustice against The Post was too heavy,” Nyirenda noted. “We have a strong leader in Hakainde Hichilema but he needs The Post to know what is happening with his ministers through investigations like was the case. We need a strong and free press to help give checks and balances. HH is eager to fight corruption but the country has no capacity to do that.”

Nyirenda, who was part of President Hichilema’s campaign team in Eastern Province, said recovery of money amassed corruptly must begin immediately.

“We have said enough about plundered resources, can we start the process of recovery of resources plundered practically. Arrest all the cadres who were displaying thousands of kwacha during elections. We have footage evidence of these people. If the ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission and DEC (Drug Enforcement Commission) do not move in, I will personally start a crusade to have all office bearers removed through a court order,” he said. “I ask these agencies to institute immediate investigations on Bowman Lusambo who said on camera that when you steal, you are stealing to have a better future. Investigate and tell us what he stole since he said it himself. I give the police seven days in which they must arrest [Chishimba] Kambwili for tribal hate [speech], revisit the purchase of fire trucks, the expensive ambulances, and expensive police bicycles. These are not simply allegations. I want these institutions to investigate these alleged crimes. I urge Zambians not to leave the fight against corruption to HH alone. I am sure if these culprits are brought to book, even those that may be going into government for economic gain will be forewarned.”

Nyirenda, who took Chiluba to court over what is now known as Acacia Park next to Arcades Mall and managed to win the case and the land was given back to the State, congratulated the Zambian people “for the well-deserved victory and I ask them to remain steadfast.”
Soon after Hichilema was declared winner of the August 12 poll, Prime TV, which was closed by the PF government through the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) was reopened.

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