MMD urges HH to conduct audit, establish true state of issues before hitting the ground running

MMD vice-president Rueben Samboh has advised President Hakainde Hichilema to establish the true state of issues in the country before he hits the ground running.

In a statement yesterday, Reverend Samboh said the UPND government should establish what the true state of Zambia’s external and domestic debt is.

“Let all of us know the figure so that we do not hold you accountable to a figure that is false. Your Excellency, Mr Hakainde Hichilema, having listened to your inauguration speech yesterday [Tuesday], I got the feeling that you want to hit the ground running with your great programmes,” he said. “However, it will be important for your government to start by establishing the true state of things. It is just right.”

Rev Samboh also urged President Hichilema to establish whether various “scandals” being speculated on were true and what the state of matters are.

“There were scandals of fire trucks, medicines, ambulances, 48 houses, illegal incomes by some leaders, contract values etc. We are quite anxious to know about these issues. If you do not establish these and publish them, the elections joys could be brief,” he said.

Rev Samboh said audits should also extend to public workers’ qualifications, noting that there was a lot of talk of a heavily patronised and cadre-based employment drive.

He added that the audit should also extend to specific persons of attention, stating that it is in their best interest and in the interest of the masses to confirm that they are not guilty.

“I shall not include any names, suffice to say, there are people who the general public are suspicious of and are watching to see if they will be asked questions,” Rev Samboh said. “So your civil service, your SOEs boards, your foreign service corps, your commissions etc. could be heavy with people who are not qualified for the jobs they hold.”

He said the audit is important because it would not only save the state money, but would also seal leakages of important government documents to unauthorised people.

“The issue of cadres…You spoke about it passionately and it struck a chord. These are very few. It is not all the youth who are cadres. The youth just need jobs and opportunities. The so-called cadres are just a few spoiled party brats who need to be told the truth and redirected. However, if you do not do a thorough audit, you will be held at ransom by this clique,” Rev Samboh warned.

He cited as an example the number of cadres that were “eating” from Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka.
“Not more than 200 certainly…So these should not determine your youth and employment policy, but they can if you don’t do a thorough audit of the state if things. Also look through the empowerment things,” said Rev Samboh.

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