Probe ACC, DEC failures during PF reign – Moyo

Joseph Moyo has called for a commission of inquiry into why the ACC, DEC and FIC were failing to function under the PF administration.

Addressing the media at his residence on Wednesday, The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) founder said the three State institutions should not just become active now without explaining to the nation why they were moribund during the PF reign.

“As TAWF we believe that there was so much failure by the leadership of these institutions…if it is true that there was so much stealing, so much corruption, so much abuse of our natural resources, so much abuse of our money, then we should not just focus on these alleged to have done wrong, but we should also focus on the leaders of these institutions,” he said. “We must demand accountability from those who did nothing

as opposed to those who are accused of having done something. This is about the future. It is about where we are going, so that we ensure that there is no more corruption, no more abuse. It is about the future, but we cannot transverse the future without looking at the past. What were the failures that came along the way that caused these institutions to fail to stop corruption? What went wrong?’’

Moyo argued that it would be wrong to just accept that the Anti-Corruption Commission, Drug Enforcement Commission and Financial Intelligence Centre failed to perform without knowing the reasons.

After the fall of Edgar Lungu’s PF, the three institutions have suddenly swung into action, with the DEC freezing bank accounts for two of Lungu’s collaborators.

“Our citizens are victims of the failures of the past which have brought the country to a collapse economically. Failure cannot be left without knowing what led to that failure because failure of the past can come to haunt us in future. So, we are demanding that a commission of inquiry be set

up,” Moyo added.

He wondered why some leaders of the three institutions were bragging that they now have teeth to bite when they should have done so in the past.

Moyo asked leaders at the DEC, ACC and FIC why they were quiet when the public expected them to perform their legal functions.

“Between August 12 and today, who was keeping their teeth all along? We want to know as a country what or who was making them fail to perform their functions because these leaders swore to protect the Constitution and not the individual,” he said. “If these reports we heard when the UPND was in the opposition happened under the watch of DEC, ACC and FIC, we can have only one conclusion – that these institutions failed us, they did not do their job. We therefore, as an organisation request that the only way we can have answers is to have a commission of inquiry so that we know why these failures were there. If I ask as to why the Titanic sunk, you will tell me that it hit an iceberg. But no, that is not the reason. There were so many wrong things the crew did which culminated into the ship hitting the iceberg. They ignored the warning.”

Moyo asked for a serious postmortem over the three institutions’ failures.

“When people die, we sometimes go for postmortem so that we know what happened. If there were failures that allowed our resources to be looted, it is only fair that we know what happened. I talk to you as a patient who goes to hospital only to be told that there are no drugs. And I have to fly to the US several times,” said Moyo. “If these resources were not plundered, I would not have to do that. This administration is promising something for the better, but it is too late for some of it – probably! It is too late for those that have died because there are no medicines in hospitals. We demand accountability. People cannot hide behind protected tenure because they cannot be fired. President Hichilema’s promise will account to nothing if we don’t know what happened. We demand that let there be a commission of enquiry so that we get to the bottom of this. As society we should not keep quiet. When we see a naked queen or king, we should not say he is properly dressed.”

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