UPND victory another independence for Zambians – Chiyobe

THE Civil Servants and Allied Workers’ Union of Zambia says the victory of the UPND is another independence for Zambians.

CSAWUZ president Davy Chiyobe was speaking to journalists at Stay Easy Hotel in Lusaka yesterday.

He said the victory of President Hakainde Hichilema in the August 12 elections is for all Zambians.

“We are elated to hear that the UPND government will focus on uniting the nation by paying attention on things that unite us as Zambians,” he said.

He hailed President Hichilema’s commitment, in his inaugural speech on Tuesday, to running the affairs of the nation with prudence.

Chiyobe also spoke about the plight of numerous civil servants who were “unfairly retired” in national interest under the PF regime.

He is, however, happy that the Head of State promised to reinstate civil servants who were unfairly retired in national interest.

“We equally appreciate the President’s position that no civil servant will be retired unfairly in national interest. This will promote and entail a professional and efficient public service that is competent, motivated, impartial and dedicated to serving the public interest,” Chiyobe said. “Those civil servants who have been retired are there and most of them are our members and we’ll be in a position to contact them so that they forward their papers, as indicated by the President, so that they are pardoned and they get back their jobs.”

He added that the UPND victory is: a great relief for us!”

“A window has been opened. When one door is closed, many more are opened,” he noted.

Chiyobe also pointed out that President Hichilema’s directive to remove political cadres from bus stations and markets is a positive move.

“We greatly appreciate the bold decision to remove party cadres from markets and bus stations. We are happy this will [and it will] bring sanity. This will equally entail government institutions collecting the needed revenue for national development,” said Chiyobe. “One could not give a lift at a bus stop without being harassed [by PF cadres]. So, everyone has won their independence. Apart from the 1964 independence, this is another independence which has come, as people are now free. You cannot be harassed by anyone!”

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