M’membe says change was inevitable

CHANGE was inevitable, says Socialist Party president Fred M’membe.

Dr M’membe said for a while now, the people had internalised deep irritation and discontent about the county’s state of affairs.

“Change was inevitable. We are of view that the great majority of our people do not seem to understand the social essence of the problem; they are confused. They are attributing unemployment, poverty, lack of schools, hospitals, job opportunities, and housing – almost everything in fact – to administrative corruption, embezzlement, and the perversity of our leaders,” he said in a Facebook posting entitled ‘My Wednesday two cents – the deeper question’. “As a nation, we have invested very little time in terms of engaging with the deeper questions and problems affecting us. As a people, we are not blaming the capitalist system and imperialism for it. We would say this is because we have been taught a third religion: the religion of respect for, and gratitude to, capitalism since our enslavement some 400 years ago. What’s your two cents?”

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