Luo assured me no Tonga would ever rule Zambia, says Hachipuka

FORMER Mbabala UPND member of parliament and long-time party member Emmanuel Hachipuka says Professor Nkandu Luo had once told him that no one from Southern Province would rule the country.

Reminiscing on his political journey as one of the founding members of the current ruling party, Hachipuka said he was glad that Prof Luo’s ‘prophesy’ had failed.

“In the year 2000, when I won the Mbabala parliamentary seat, as UPND’s second MP, I gave a maiden speech which was not well received by the MMD government. In the corridors of Parliament Hon. Luo assured me that no Tonga would ever rule Zambia in mine and her life time,” Hachipuka narrated in a statement. “She further went on to assure me that I would remain in my life ruled by her. When I saw president [Edgar] Lungu nominate her as a running mate I asked myself whether truly God would fulfil Luo’s prophesy. I continued to pray the same style I did over Bill 10 not to be passed by Parliament, not to allow Luo and PF to win.”

Hachipuka said he did not want to celebrate early because PF were full of political tricks that could have possibly made them manipulate figures in their favour.

He added that the outcome of the election could not be described so easily.

“There are several events I will from time to time reminisce about this journey to the day of HH [Hakainde Hichilema] being declared winner and President-elect of Zambia. For nearly three days to that day, I hardly could sleep but remained most of the time in my seat by my TV. I remained apprehensive because the tricks of PF were known for stealing elections,” said Hachipuka. “I remained watching these events not only because I wanted change but, in my case, I had wondered if Hon Professor Nkandu Luo’s prophesy would remain true. What has happened my friends to us in the UPND family cannot be simply described. I know the road ahead will be difficult because not only do we have to unite the people of Zambia but the balance sheet of our economy is in a mess.”

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