Commending Edgar for handing over power

ALL Nations Church International Bishop Timothy Chisala says there is nothing to commend Edgar Lungu for after he handed over power because he had no option.

“You see, there is a lot of excitement among the Zambian people. I feel the people have now gotten their freedom back. Edgar Lungu was president of an aggressive regime that never respected the freedoms of the people. Power got so much to the head of Edgar Lungu. He was a weak president without any control,” says Bishop Chisala. “Edgar Lungu was also an arrogant man. He thought governing through threats will keep him longer in State House. His arrogance has failed to help him. This shows that power belongs to the people. Today, Edgar Lungu is alone. He should learn that arrogance does not help. It is yet an independence day for the Zambian people. This is the day a lot of people looked forward to. Freedom is here now for the people. Just look at the level of excitement among the people! This is showing you that people were in bondage. But who created this fear in people? It is Edgar Lungu because he wanted to hang on to power.”

It is said every man in a leadership position must know when it is time to hand over the reins. Edgar didn’t. Knowing the constitutional limitations, Edgar, with impunity and a dictator’s arrogance, chose to impose himself on the ballot.

Lest we all forget, Edgar was a very arrogant president of our Republic up to the last day in office. This is the man who wrote a statement declaring the elections his own government conducted as not being free and fair. Yet, he was a presidential candidate in that election where he abused the power of incumbency to stifle the mobilisation efforts and movement of the opposition candidates. He equally monopolised the public media until citizens removed him from State House via the ballot.

We remember on the eve of the polls, Edgar boasting that, “Even as we vote I am President until I hand over to the next president who will be me.”

All those are characteristics of arrogance because he intended to threaten everyone. We all recall Edgar telling miners on the Copperbelt that he would arrest Hakainde Hichilema after the elections!

Not only that, Edgar kept bragging throughout the campaign period that he would win by 500,000 votes!

So, no one should commend or praise Edgar for handing over power because that is what was expected of him after losing the presidential vote – that is what our Constitution says. He had no choice. There’s no alternative. Zambians had spoken. The ballot sent him out of the presidency.

If Edgar had completely refused to hand over power, he would have been charged with treason. He was mindful of this because he had already lost power. He knew that he could be given a genuine charge of treason. So, we agree with Bishop Chisala that there is no need of praising Edgar for doing what was expected of him.

Former British prime minister Tonny Blair advised on this score that: “Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing.”

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