PF TAILS CHOPPED OFF…I can safely conclude that PF will never live again – Luonde

FATHER Richard Luonde says the PF will never live again to preside over the affairs of the nation.

The NDC national chairperson adds that the former ruling party’s wings have been clipped, hence there’s no possibility of coming back to power.

“I now challenge all those ruffians in PF who thought that they owned the people of Zambia. Last time, I said that they had lowered their tails for votes, but now their tails have been completely chopped off,” he said in an interview. “They are now a completely dressed chicken. In addition, their wings have also been clipped. Going by our political history where we do not resurrect dead political parties, I can safely conclude that PF will never live again.”

Chronicling events prior to the August 12 presidential and general elections, Fr Luonde said Zambians would never allow anyone to divide them again like Edgar Lungu’s PF did.

With a sigh of relief, Fr Luonde indicated that “the elections are over and we have a new President, His Excellency Mr Hakainde Hichilema”.

“Finally, sanity has returned to our beloved country. Zambia is our only country. We have no any other. So, we shall defend our country with every drop of our sweat and blood from generation to generation. We shall never again allow a dictator and tribalist to divide us,” Fr Luonde declared. “When I warned the PF that their days were numbered, they called me names. Some of their dull surrogates called me a disgruntled priest, a former priest, all sorts of names but I remained resolute. They did not want to listen to any words of wisdom.”

He outlined the PF’s level of arrogance which closed their ears from the public.

Fr Luonde explained how the PF exaggerated their public support.

“The PF were drowned in power with utter arrogance like never seen before. They felt that they were above every other Zambian. But where are they now? They have vanished like cockroaches in a suddenly lit room. They can no longer contain their shame,” he added. “To insult us even further, they devised a slogan, alebwelelapo, that was clearly non-negotiable in meaning. As far as the PF were concerned, they had decided to win that election. To them, the people’s power did not matter. They had everything in their hands. Well, they were totally wrong as can be evidenced by the outcome of the elections.”

And Fr Luonde mocked the former ruling party for losing an election to a person they stopped from campaigning.

“The man they stopped from campaigning ended up walloping their candidate Edgar Lungu with a record-breaking margin of over one million votes,” he noted. “If indeed they were banking on fictitious votes to win those elections. The wrath of the people proved too much for them. People voted in anger and with vigour in anticipation that even if PF intended to rig, they would not manage.”

He welcomed the new government which he expected to raise the country’s governance profile.

Fr Luonde said it was good that Zambians realised their 2016 mistake of electing PF and corrected it in the last general elections.

“We welcome the UPND Alliance government which has so far promised to respect people’s rights, and to which my party belongs. We had lowered the bar so low as a nation by having PF in power that long. It’s good that, like the Americans realised about Donald Trump, we also realised about Edgar Lungu and kicked out his cadreism [out],” said Fr Luonde. “Finally, we have a President who will raise the bar even at international level. A President in whom we will never feel ashamed of. Long live our President, long live my fellow citizens!”

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