We will really miss Lungu, says PF’s Phiri

WE WILL really miss Edgar Chagwa Lungu as he has done great things to this nation, says PF Mkaika member of parliament Peter Phiri.

In an interview, Phiri said Lungu is the only president who had taken Zambia to another level.
He thanked Lungu for conceding defeat since people spoke through the ballot and there was nothing he can do.

“People have spoken through the ballot, there is nothing he can do, he has to accept it. He has done his race. Edgar Changwa Lungu has worked, maybe people didn’t want his leadership, maybe people who were surrounding him were giving him wrong advice…he is the only president who has taken Zambia to another level. We can say UNIP did a lot but by that time, the population can’t be compared to now, MMD worked but did not consider putting infrastructure according to the population but Edgar Lungu has worked compared to the population in wards and the nation at large. Edgar has challenged load-shedding by installing new turbines and today load-shedding is no more. We will really miss him as he has done great things to this nation. I just wish him well in whatever he will be doing in life,” Phiri said.

Meanwhile, Phiri wished President Hakainde Hichilema well and urged him to deliver according to his promises to the people.

And Phiri said it was unfortunate that he will still be in opposition after winning the seat on the PF, which lost to UPND in the August 12 general elections.

He said he never wanted to remain in opposition.

Before being adopted, Phiri had complained that it was hard to be an opposition member of parliament as they were considered last in terns of development.

He said having served as an opposition member of parliament for seven years, this time he wanted to be favoured by the PF which he had anticipated to continue as the ruling party.

“My plan this time around was to work under the ruling party; at least you are being favoured but we shall continue struggling and lobbying from our colleagues who have been given power. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t my plan because I have served under opposition for seven years so this time I wanted to serve in the ruling party,” he stated.

He called on the UPND government to accommodate PF in terms of development and cake sharing.

“Our expectations are not God’s plans. We have just to work as my wish and hope is for our colleagues to accommodate us because most of the things, thought we fight, are given by the government, so we expect our colleagues to accommodate us so that we can benefit from the share,” Phiri said.

He assured the people of Mkaika Constituency that he would work tirelessly to ensure the are gets its share from the government.

“I owe people of Mkaika a lot in terms of ploughing back. I will work tirelessly to ensure Mkaika gets a share from government,” he stressed.

He said he would try all he can to ensure that the road network was improved because the current status of some roads was a sad sight.

Phiri said he was in discussions with his Milanzi Constituency counterpart so that they procure a grader for the district.

He confirmed that people were complaining of most roads which even drain their pockets.

“Bad roads like Chinkhombe has been a draw back on our motorists and common people because for them to ferry their items to town, they are charged a lot such that at the end they remain with nothing…” he said.

Phiri also said he would ensure that each ward receives a secondary school as a way to promote education in rural areas.

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