I PITY LUNGU…needs counseling, he’s loneliest man – Chifire

SOUTHERN Africa Network against Corruption director Gregory Chifire says former president Edgar Lungu needs counseling because he will find his new life extremely lonely in the day and traumatic in the night.

The exiled human rights activist said Lungu is the loneliest man in the country at the moment.

He recalled that various stakeholders warned Lungu about dictatorship and other vices but he dismissed their counsel.

“We warned him about corruption. We warned him about the kandiles (opportunists) that surrounded him. We warned him about the cadres that surrounded him, but the man dismissed our counsel with impunity. Mr Lungu and his cabal really took Zambians for granted. They lied to themselves into believing that they owned Zambia. They used power to abuse citizens. They used their position to weaponise the law and militarise institutions of governance without for a second putting themselves in the shoes of the oppressed,” he said. “I pity Lungu because when time comes for him to start going to court, he will wish that he never accepted to be president. The same police he was sending to arrest his perceived nemesis will arrest him. The same courts he used to abuse will be there to show him real justice.”

Chifire said Zambians would only feel satisfied when Lungu and his cronies pay for their ‘sins’.

“They don’t belong among us. They belong to prison. Wish he could be made to feel what we felt, made to pass through, what we passed through under his leadership. Without mincing words, he was an evil man by all standards” he charged Chifire said Lungu and his associates should be made example for future leaders and all those contemplating of abusing their position of authority.

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