Hansungule asks Lungu to atone for his sins

PROFESSOR Michelo Hansugule has challenged former president Edgar Lungu to disclose who funded demonstrations in Northern Province against him.

On March 7, 2018, PF members in Kasama led by then provincial chairman Peter Mwansa staged a peaceful demonstration in the Central Business District to express displeasure over his article that was published in The Globe newspaper.

In the article, Prof Hansungule was condemning Lungu’s corruption and dictatorship.

In his letter to Lungu, Prof Hansungule asked the former president to also explain the motive behind the demonstration.

“Dear Edgar. It is good you are still chairman [president] of your Patriotic Front so you and your party can account for some of your deeds while in power. On my part, I want to ask you: 1. Who organised the widely reported demonstration against me purportedly by PF in Kasama?” asked Prof Hansungule. “2. What was the motive for this, why? 3. Who funded it? I hear you are going round churches to pray? You better pray hard to atone your sins. I think God is not foolish. He knows everything about you as he does all of us.”

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