Monday letter from Bright Tembo Letter to the new Minister of Sport

Dear Minister,

FIRST of all, I want to congratulate you on your appointment as the country’s new Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development. A huge task awaits you, as you get down to strategise on how best to revive the youth and make them viable again, considering that they hold the largest population in the country.

For sports, what is needed is order, a goal-oriented Minister and nothing else. I hope you are equal to the task because there have been a lot of misdeeds and misgivings at Government Complex, which was turned into a conflict resolution centre; thanks to the fights in the sports sector that could have easily been avoided.

Your appointment should not make you minister of football like those who were before you. We need you to be a Minister of Sport who will look at the 42 registered sports disciplines in the country.

Look at your National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ), the institution is not doing what it is supposed to be doing for the country’s sports fraternity. Simply put, it has failed to tackle a number of issues affecting sports associations. This is a body that has failed to live up to people’s expectations.

For the past six years, the Council has had an acting general secretary whom I think is limited because he is acting. Putting a permanent General Secretary should be one of your top agenda, Mr/Ms Sports Minister.

Just last month we had a team at the just ended Tokyo Olympic games and no medal came for Zambia; and it was a disappointing outing.

Yes, the Copper Queens performed well despite not progressing to the next round of the competition, but we should never settle for less as a country.

Minister, when you report to your office make sure that resources are channeled out equally to all registered sports disciplines in the country.

Let’s not be a country that only thinks about football. Instead, let’s get back to schools and engage the ministries of both Higher Education and General Education to restore the subject of Physical Education in learning institutions in order to help nurture and improve talent among pupils. Not just football because almost everyone plays football including schools deep down in Dundumwezi of Southern Province. But if you ask a pupil at the same school about Badminton the answer is the same as mine – there’s no. If we become a country that does not add physical education in its first cycle, then we should not expect medals at any event.

Let our school curriculum be in line with sports calendars. I know in times of COVID-19 it is difficult to come up with such a schedule, but it’s important to note that this must be looked at. How can a pupil divide their time for practice while they are studying for their final exam?

Away, from the physical education part, honourable, I am back with issues to do with channelling resources to different sports codes. How can an athlete who travels at a low coast, sleeps at the airport, and is given little allowance, expect to mint a medal? Looking forward to interacting and sharing ideas with you, Minister.

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