‘Retreat to reflect and repent for hating and hurting our country’

LAURA Miti says those who held high office in the Patriotic Front regime should go on a five-year retreat to reflect and repent for hating and hurting Zambia. The Alliance for Community Action (ACA) executive director says Edgar Lungu should never have been the President of Zambia. She says going by Zambia’s huge indebtedness under Lungu’s reign, one would have certainly expected some ministers and other holders of high office to resign like what happened under the Frederick Chiluba and Dr Kenneth Kaunda administrations.

“But no! They stayed to the end and even gave it their all to have him re-elected. Why? They knew the rot more than us. I am thinking, this morning, that no one who held high office in PF should be appointed this term, unless theirs is a back story of active but quiet resistance. They all need a five year retreat to reflect on and repent for hating and hurting our country,” Laura says.

She said she always believed that the Zambian debt stock was at least double that claimed by government, “but the confirmation of USD 35 billion is still extremely upsetting.”

Laura adds that it seems members of Lungu’s administration had agreed with each other to just destroy the country.

“Now, it is not under contest that president Lungu himself lacked both the requisite character and competences to hold high office. He should never have been President. My question, though, is once that major mistake had been made, why did so many people facilitate his destruction of our country? We want our money back. Much of that $35 billion went into private pockets as the FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre) and Auditor General reports repeatedly set out. If you add our own resources to that figure, the mind spins,” says Laura.

The Dalai Lama teaches us that, “If the motivation is sincere, then every human action can be positive – including political initiatives. If our motivation is not adequate, not pure, even religion becomes smeared.” He adds that, “If we cherish others, then both others and ourselves, both deeply and superficially, will be happy…when we cherish ourselves more than others…we produce various types of suffering, both for ourselves and for those around us.”

Edgar and his team cared only for themselves. It was a self-serving regime.

Edgar’s regime gambled with the future of our nation. And his governance style caused a lot of damage to this country. Most of his cronies would certainly do well by retreating from the public eye. While there’s some sanity in our society following the defeat of PF, a mention of Edgar and his minions still divide our citizen’s opinion. And any rebranding the PF will undertake won’t attract sympathy or following if most of those who surrounded Edgar remained in the top echelons of the boat. Most of the officials that served in the regime must indeed retreat and repent for hating and hurting our country. Insisting on remaining relevant to the political life of this nation will be suicidal. If anything they’re a group that no longer exist in most citizens’ eyes, they are fading and are almost a political corpse!

The arrogance, pettiness, harshness, and utter recklessness with which they governed or misgoverned our country is disgusting.

And to think they even wanted another mandate!

One shudders to even imagine what would have become of this country, had Edgar won the election. They would have come to probably first deal with the Constitution where they had some unfinished business. Perhaps they could have removed the term limits for a president and mop up all our resources without shame. And these fears are justified, looking at the way they ransacked our treasury in their seven-year rule. To go beyond Laura’s demand, we insist that Edgar and his fellows should be probed. If his lieutenants have any conscious, which we really doubt, they should keep away from the public eye. Otherwise, the more they appear in public in bullish form, the more they annoy citizens.

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