Chingola clergyman advises UPND against dishing out cash

[By Nkweto Mfula in Chingola]

A CLERGYMAN in Chingola has urged the ruling UPND not to just dish out cash to people but to use resources to foster development in communities to improve living standards.

United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Chingola Consistory chairman Jones Mutembo said people were enlightened and were looking forward to seeing increased national development for the benefit of the masses.

“Ati pantu balanda ati ba MP ebakwata akasaka akandalama, nangu namukwata (Just because they say members of parliament have a bag of money, even if you have,) it is good to invest the money in investments that will help to lift people’s living standards,” he said.

Reverend Mutembo, who is also in-charge of Kabundi congregation, was speaking on Sunday when Nchanga member of parliament Derrick Chilundika congregated at UCZ Kabundi Congregation to thank the people over UPND’s August 12 victory.

Quoting Deuteronomy 28 verse 1 to 13, Rev Mutembo, who titled his sermon “What do you have in your hand”, said God’s time was the best.

He said despite COVID-19 restrictions, others in reference to PF, were busy campaigning while others were not, but yet people voted for a political party of their choice.

Rev Mutembo called on Chilundika to be the father of all by attending masses in all churches in the constituency.

“Having been elected as member of parliament for Nchanga Constituency, you’re now the father of all. Please reach out to all and listen and respond to people’s concerns,” he said.

Earlier, the Rev Mutembo said it was too early for the Church to start criticising the government on issues that could be attended to by the local authority.

“We still have cadres in markets and bus stations. Through you our MP, kindly deliver the message to our President, on this matter, it’s too early for the Church to start criticising government on such matters,” he said.

Rev Mutembo also said President Hakainde Hichilema seemed to have started on a good note adding that God would provide wisdom for his good governance.

And Chilundika said he would work with the local authority on how best to eradicate cadres in public places.

“Tomorrow (yesterday), I will be having a meeting with Chingola Town Clerk Kabombo Mutakela to plan how best to bring about sanity in public places,” he said.

Chilundika thanked the congregants for having voted for UPND saying God was above everything that happened during the just ended general elections.

“Political party tayabumbapo umutu, ni Lesa fye eka, (No political party has ever created a human being. It’s only God) and this is the reason I am here to thank God with the youth this morning,” he said.

Chilundika pledged to work with the people in the constituency in fostering development in the constituency.

He said his office was open to all regardless of their political affiliation.

Rev Mutembo also presented a Bible to Chilundika for his guidance.

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