HH HAS DONE IT…Cabinet carefully chosen, encompassing – Kavindele

FORMER vice-president Enoch Kavindele says President Hakainde Hichilema’s Cabinet is carefully chosen.

Giving his views about President Hichilema’s long-awaited Cabinet, Kavindele said the Cabinet was encompassing.

“It’s been a carefully chosen Cabinet, encompassing all regions of Zambia. The President has done it; no wonder it took him so long to come up with his Cabinet because he was doing all these things,” he told The Mast in an interview.

On the President’s declarations in the last two weeks, Kavindele said: “So far, his declarations are very good.

“And we hope that he keeps to them. It’s too soon to judge a president. We normally give a new president a hundred days. We can’t just give him 14 days and start making serious attacks on governance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kavindele felt that Cornelius Mweetwa should have been given a more senior position than confining him to Southern Province.

The Choma UPND member of parliament was appointed Southern Province minister and sworn-in on Tuesday along with others.

Kavindele gave several reasons he suspected could have made the President send Mweetwa to provincial level.

“But I feel that Mr Cornelius Mweetwa deserved a much more senior position than being in charge of a province. But, of course, one must understand the most recent happenings before the elections. Mr Mweetwa had indicated that he did not want to stand for elections,” he explained. “And many people including myself really talked to him, indicating that the country needed his experience and, therefore, he should rescind his decision not to stand because he had threatened that he was retiring from politics. When I met him, I told him that he was rather too young to retire, especially that his experience was invaluable to not only the UPND, but to the country.”

Kavindele added that perhaps Mweetwa’s recent statement about being equals with the President could have cost him a senior appointment.

“Then he made a statement later. I think it was in your paper, where he said that they’re equals. Now, in politics, a statement like that is not really welcome,” said Kavindele. “He was right in the sense that the President is the first among equals. But depending on hope and those advising the President in coming up with Cabinet, so perhaps he was just being shown as to who has the power.”

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