Sean Tembo filled with bitterness, says Chanda

PROVIDING checks and balances does not mean you should demean the presidency with impunity, says Lusaka resident Kawimbe Chanda.

Chanda said Patriots for Economic Progress president Sean Tembo in his quest to offer checks and balances has attempted to go beyond his boundaries.

“Providing checks and balances doesn’t mean you should demean the presidency with impunity. Criticism is okay, but it should be constructive criticism, not filled with bitterness,” he said in a statement. “You must understand that every time you rise to challenge HH’s actions, you are in fact challenging the collective intellectuals of brilliant minds that keep away from the limelight but guide the visible action and decision of a resilient party.”

Kawimbe said the countable votes that Tembo got must serve as a constant reminder that Zambians loved rooted leaders who did not have a knack for differing with others, especially fellow opposition.

“When you discover that I am an ardent UPND sympathiser who is not even known in the party structure, you will accept that UPND not only has sharp members but also has support on the sidelines,” said Chanda. “Our daily contributions are part of the intelligence sharing system that makes decision making easier for those at the top. Utilise sober language to achieve your goal, may be in the next 100 years.”

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